An actor not acting at the Shrine

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An excerpt from September 22nd at the Shrine.

Damien Richardson was never an “essential” worker during the lockdowns nor is he an “authorized” one now. Instead he is a father, an actor and now and activist not through choice but through what he sees as a moral necessity.

He is currently the co-host of Café Locked Out:

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  1. These coppers have to be victims of some serious sort of mind control. They stand behind a badge and riot gear that commands some kind of false respect and then gather themselves in mobs to intimidate well meaning citizens. Apparently they are oblivious to the fact they have all been brainwashed.

  2. “Now” finally the public will have realised, that when a police officer takes the oath, to “serve and protect” it is meant for their “corrupt” masters!! NOT THE PUBLIC!!
    These brainwashed cops need to “stand down” and not follow draconian orders but follow their conscience, for once in their life!!…STUFF THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS!!!

  3. The problem is, the 'police' pretty much worldwide, are hand selected through a number of interview process's etc. They are chosen for their willingness to comply to authority without challenge.

    There will of course be a few that break that mould, and we are seeing members hand their badge in, just not enough.

    There is an awful lot of bad press surrounding the police in the UK at the moment, my only worry is what comes after the police?

    I can fully see a situation where current police forces are disbanded, and replaced with only the most hardline members remaining to enforce the new world order we are being frogmarched into.

    I dont have a solution, other than perhaps trying to reach these people on a personal level, sharing info they probably are not privvy to.

    But in reality, its not looking good is it.

    Remember, truth over opinion, freedom over everything.

    Hold the line guys, the worst is yet to come.

  4. Don't blame the cops they are between a Rock (the Aussies people) and a Hard Lot ( Their Penal Colony style masters) and if it comes to quitting the police job rather being a State goon and being able to be able to pay the mortgage, feed their families that is a horrible position to be put in. The vast majority of cops ( people) will keep their decide to kerp their paycheques coming in.
    Ps Quit with the yelling and shouting and SING at protedt.It may not be anymore effective than shouting but the Protesters and the cops will lighten up and both be better for it.
    And, if you take the great protest songs of people who fought for their freedom around the world and "Australisnize" them the underlying message to ignorant political class will be clear "Enough"
    "HEAR the people Sing" is a could example fot letting the Bad Guys know the people had enough of the cruelity being imposed on them.

  5. Every country has traitors of humanity like these cops! Look at Singapore… the most brainwashed nation in the world and Australia is just right behind! Fight back while you still have the freedom to do so! May god bless us all ✝️💟🙏

  6. You know what?those police deserve to be punish too! They are responsible for letting all of this happen!… those police hear the people's voice, but no wonder why they work and protect DAN ANDREW, you know, they only listen when MONEY SPEAKS!! and that is why they love doing the tyranny against people!! I hate to went out side knowing that my mortal enemy with that uniforms on, strolling around!

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