An American Horror Story: The Biden Presidency | THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL

Prices have never been higher, and the Politician lies have never been louder. Welcome to 2022. #Biden #JoeBiden #Zeducation

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  1. I am a old rich white guy so it doesn't hurt me at all. Before the election I begged every one not to vote for the New Green Deal. I had no idea the election was going to be fixed. That was a shock. So I want to blame them, but, it was going to Biden no matter what. The Far Left won the war. Now lets see how far they can go. I feel so sorry for all of you under 50 yrs old. You are going to get hammered.

  2. Biden is the only president in my lifetime that has had such measurable negative impact on my life and the life of my family. I need an "I did that" sticker. Or a lot of them.

  3. I just recently bought a BASE (manual everything) model 2010 Corolla for nearly $7700. Because at the rate my truck was using fuel, I'd have payed it over within 12 months.This is due to Texas, a state with relatively low gas prices, hitting upwards of $4.50/gal. I drive a minimum of 90 miles/day, 5 days/week just for work. I can't afford to average 17.5mpg.

  4. @Zeducation. In October of 2021 my Mitsubishi Mirage could get a full tank of regular in Texas, that's about 8.8 gallons normally. It was 24 dollars then, I just put a full tank in at 4.15 a gallon. Total came to 35 dollars for 8.5 gallons…. FJB!

  5. It's so funny how all my liberal co-workers screeched for four years about every little thing (while the country was running great), and now that the country is in the toilet, it's crickets.

  6. My husband and I have a small business in which we drive around our small town Monday through Friday. December of 2021, we cringed at spending $150/month on fuel. Now we spend $400/month on fuel.

  7. Weapons washing, where did most of Ukrainian arms go after the soviet break up, into Africa to support regime changes. Where will the weapons the USA and Canada sent to Ukraine go after this conflict? What third world country is resisting western interests because that's where they will go.

  8. Some of you may have noticed the logo for "The Verge" is a double demonic symbol! First of all it's a triangle/upside down triangle/pyramid, (Free Masonry) but worst of all, the triangle inside of a triangle is the symbol for pedophile/boy-lover! It's shown on the FBI website as well as other symbols and phrases that are used by these slime!

  9. Hey Tyler, I somehow came across one of your videos yesterday, n I watched a couple videos, n I’m back checking out some of your other videos !!! I’m so Sorry, I tried, But I laughed my azz off !!!! Thanks ❣️ your Awesome ‼️ Patrick from Commy Ct. 😷💥🔫👻 🐖💨

  10. How can anyone trust Elon Musk just because he says he's for freedom of speech yet believe in vaccines and especially the mRNA drug and says thats the only way we can move forward!? How can you trust him when he's for transhumanism, chips in the brains and is full of freemasonic symbolism (which is just Luciferianism)?

  11. Yes let's go back with trump. He's not even here anymore and he still managed to cause a fucking war with Russia.
    "Didn't see that one coming"
    For the love of Jesus just stop the Biden hating bullcrap, he's never going to eclipse the disaster that was Donald no one fuckin cares anymore trump.

  12. Totally agree about criminal politicians. I can remember what my father always said at election time. “Doesn’t matter who you vote for because if they’re not crooked when they go in, they’re crooked when they come out.”

  13. The "respect on the world stage" is the one that gets me the most. The reason the world celebrated Biden winning is because now they could tell us to piss off and Grandpa Joe and his white guilt America shaming woke brigade will keep sending these countries money and resources.

  14. politicians: We are filled to the brim with large amounts of a certain compound, almost ceremoniously so, some say it's a compound of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide and this mixture is a relatively temped one.

    English: We're full of hot air.

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