An example of how George Soros controls the world

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. Ed a year or two back I voiced my opinion here that shadowbans werent as bad or prevalent as they were made out to be on youtube. Each time I watch one of your vids I recall that memory, just wanted to say I was incorrect and you were right all along! Cheers buddy

  2. only communists welcome to speak on the internet – Max Igan taken off You Tube today – day after day anti-capitalism and pro-communist videos on my ' their suggested recommended videos ' to watch instead of all the conspiracy channels i've subscribed to – of those, not one is offered

  3. Hello, same in France, few days ago 2 very important dissidents YouTube channels were banned – Dieudonné and ERTV (Alain Soral).

  4. Jesus was a person of color if my memory serves me right. Wasn’t he a ‘brown’ person from the Middle East?. They actually sound like demons around the statue. These people have jelly for brains ? they are completely insane scary stuff?. GOD HASNT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT OF LOVE POWER AND A SOUND MIND??

  5. Mass hysteria?…. No!….. The west is being terrorized into a mass psychosis and having an attack of mass insanity and every leader, EVERY one of them is looking on dumbfounded…… Time for some action we don't need to see any more of this crap….. Our leaders are being told what to do, if and when to respond by those setting all this crap up…… The disease??!!??…. There are registered patents on the design of the disease….. Wake up friends!

  6. Media refers to the demon rioters as peaceful demonstrators. At least they go the 'demon' part right.
    Almost nothing is shown by media of the disgusting destruction they do. MSM – our enemy.
    Thank you Ed. You're OG.

  7. George Bush Sr. said in a famous speech that the New World Order would bring about global governance that would elevate the rule of law rather than allow the law of the jungle to govern society. This deliberate permissiveness towards a group that breaks the law, in a public highly visible way, is to scare and incite the population to enact the NWO. It is not the NWO, its the program in place designed to facilitate it. They want us to cry out and beg for the New World Order to be immediately implemented, because they cannot successfully pull it off unless we want it. Its the same with vaccines, they want us to insist on it so that we ourselves are responsible for taking it. They are creating news in order to provoke an extreme reaction. That’s also how their occult credo, their modus operandi, works. You asked for it! They avoid culpability and get what they want at the same time. We have to determine not to react emotionally, and be shrewd, which is what they are: shrewd as serpents.

  8. I think the elite, despite being predominately Catholic, must by now recognize that multi-culturalism and multi-racism is a lie, and that you cannot build a golden age society with bonobos at the foundation. I expect segregation to become official when we get to the FEMA camps. FEMA regions may eventually be divided along identitarian lines, even if that means mass re-location. 'Hunger games' being said to be based on FEMA regions… I bet they wrote over the part that said the starving zones were the bonobo zones.

  9. hitler, Himmler, and Goebbels were the top of Nazi elite because they were catholic infiltrators and saboteurs. Hitler's banker Schact, replacing original author of Nazi literature Gottfried Feder, was a free-mason (admitted in his own auto-biography,) and internationalist who co-founded the BIS in Switzerland. (This is how we know Hitler betrayed original Nazi doctrine and colluded with the secret society / catholic elite.) … the night of long knives was basically eradication of genuine national socialists and consolidation of power unto the subversive catholic elite. skull and bones, (bush family,) were banking into this as part of the catholic infiltration. skull and bones is obviously Jesuitical. 'occultism' in general amongst secret societies is a front for Catholicism. …every major political institution in the west is infiltrated and subverted by catholic or quasi-catholic agents, has been for a hundred(s?) years, and we all too readily assume that Nazi germany was an exception. it wasn't. they were set up explicitly to run the protestant-pagan Nazi armies to their deaths on the front line against their other Frankenstein monster, judeo-satanic bolshevism.

  10. I think it's time we all realize something.
    The education system is overwhelmingly leftist.
    The next generation of us is completely screwed.

    If we don't start attacking the education system on a daily basis it's a losing battle.
    There won't be enough of us to continue the fight after we are gone from this earth..

  11. Please get an education about the NAZIs, they were the good guys fighting the Marxists, that's why they are so demonized. Like those of us who object to the Marxists agenda now, we are demonized.

  12. There's 900 antisemitic reports to the police every year. 300 are by children. Obviously, education is important for parents, children and carers.
    900 out of 65 million seems that antisemitism is basically not there.

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