An invasion by the state into what should be private (Julie Ponesse & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Dr. Julie Ponesse who saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy with areas of specialization in ethics and ancient philosophy, a Masters in Philosophy with Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, and a Diploma in Ethics from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

Since then, Dr. Ponesse has joined The Democracy Fund as the Pandemic Ethics Scholar focussing on educating the public on civil liberties and has recently released her new book My Choice: The Ethics Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates.

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  1. They really want to train everyone to just take it without having any choice so that when it needs to be used for a sterility, eugenics or genocide tool they will have full compliance and control over who ever they want to. We are supposed to not have the choice. That would be the old world, this now is the new world order.

  2. What we call "Big Pharma" is not profitable or "safe and effective" anymore. Why? They can't "discover" better new drugs despite spending (wasting) more money. "Drug discovery" is now too expensive and unproductive. Big Pharma now needs massive government handouts (mandates) to produce profits. Off-patent generic drugs are already too good. Most generic drugs are made in Asia, and most of the world uses them. Americans are victimized by doctors peddling unsafe "new drugs" for Big Pharma. You can find lists of defective drugs taken off the market all over the Web. "Mr. Science" (big industry) is shooting innovation blanks.

  3. This is our 🇨🇦 Deputy Prime Minister, Freedlsnd, a year ago. I was sick and in hospital when this first appeared so am seeing only for the first time today.

    My son died under the lockdowns before the vaccines were implemented.

    He wore a mask, travelled on a sky train that was a service to and from our local international airport bringing flights from Asia, and ultimately was possibly exposed each time.

    It’s absolutely horrifying to think he survived only to experience so much anxiety later under lockdowns and other life experiences, but survived covid19. He was extremely healthy.

    What an experiment!

    I am devastated by his dying, and subsequent grieving, some days are worse than others, and these games were being played in our parliament of the day 😭 a year ago. Too much, too much!

    Mom of
    Feb 22, 2021

  4. I believe woman’s choice is a threat to the population and existence of mankind. So I MANDATE every man must inject himself into any woman of his choosing every month until I deem the threat is over.

  5. This woman has ethics!

    And she dares to speak the truth, and that I demand that our medical system and governments have to take into consideration!

    And that they have to take ‘many courses’ in or be let go for any future pandemic or medical concerns in our countries.

  6. has brett done anything extensive on comparing the phizer vaccine effectivess and justification for mandates compared to other vaccines that are mandated? would make a great discussion.

  7. All those who stood their ground and decided to swim against the current of madness regarding the unwarranted injection of a liquid substance are the cornerstone of what a free society should be like. The severe repercussions endured by such individuals because of their refusal to go along the route of madness will be okay despite, seemingly overwhelming odds.

    Mandate(16c)4. RomanCivil Law
    A written command given by a pricipal to an agent;speci., A commision or contract by which one person (the mandator) REQUEST someone (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously, the commision becoming effective when the mandatory AGREES


  9. Should Joe Biden in his cognitive state mandate anything? BTW where in the world is Faucci? It's like science has dissapeared? And cackling Kamala has been drinking the koolaid and talking like a kindergarten teacher. Shimmy fisted Pelosi our third in line is acting stranger than usual. Our top three leaders are nuts! And we're all supposed to go along with the chaos brought upon us for the past fourteen months!
    Am I the only one who is seeing this? How long can America last? Someone pinch me and wake me up because I must be asleep and having a horrible dream…a nightmare!

  10. Unvaccinated does not equal infected. Our laws allow that government can keep someone from harming other people, but you cannot coerce anyone who is NOT harming anyone, so unless you can prove harm, you cannot coerce an unvaccinated person.

    Also, if any unvaccinated person is a threat, there should be NO exceptions allowed. A mandate would necessarily have to have ZERO exceptions. Newborns, stage 4 cancer, organ transplant recipients…all are just as harmful unvaccinated as a healthy person, so they must also be forcibly vaxxed.

  11. In what way is a worldwide vaccine mandate (WHO a.o. would have liked that) different
    then a global spread, Sars CoV-2 Virus ?…Or should we rather ask, in what way are they similar ?
    The latter is about the lack of Moral and Ethics, the first is a bit unclear, but as a start,
    100% (ideally) gets the double-jab + a booster but no were near that (6.4% cases,24 February 2022)
    gets the Virus…👀

  12. Option A wet market
    Option B lab leak

    For me it's obvious these choices are to hide the truth.
    What do you believe Option C is??????????????????????
    Considering all the lies by media and governments.
    Please share you're thoughts! 🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸🤸💕

  13. You are the ones keeping this conversation alive. In the same way it was suppressed in the early days, now is equally crucial for keeping up the pressure for a refusal to comply with illogical and dangerous mandates.

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