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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. The reason that she did this is to avoid getting a slander lawsuit. That's it. It's fear, not remorse. If they had remorse, they would have have done many, many things. Just look at Thunderfoot's take on their Fukushima reporting. In the Fukushima coverage, which at least as ridiculous as this coverage, they didn't, to the best of my knowledge, admit a mistake. Why? They weren't afraid of a lawsuit. They called him a murderer. Not alleged, murderer.

  2. BLM and ANTIFA are un witting pawns of nancy pelosi and all the globalists. I feel like taking up arms and going to down town Portland oregon. these folks have ruined my memories of a beautiful safe and clean down town. idon't know how long we are to sit home and watch these animals run wild rioting and "protesting" down town.

  3. Honestly, I think her debate with ben really humbled her. I think she is starting to see how ridiculous her perspective is on political issues. It's good to see but I doubt it will last. Her debate with ben will fade into her memory and her fanbase will reinforce her confidence again and she'll be back to her usual bs.

  4. I've found that most people that repeat misinformation or false narratives and quote things that you can see in video evidence as false that they literally are just parroting what they heard in their circle and have done 0 research of their own. There are some that are malicious and do it for profit and personal gain. Shaun King, LeBron James, Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson are great examples of this. There are many grifters that will knowingly push false information because it makes them money. But a lot of people just don't do research and don't wait for evidence. They get their feelings riled up by some bad actors in their circle they follow and set their opinion based on that and not seeking the truth of the matter and amplify what their circle is already saying.

  5. Ana knows, she just got her nose caught in so many brazen lies and omissions that she's clinging hard to the smaller lies; she's so egotistical that she can't handle admitting she was completely wrong, nor that she doesn't know what the heck she's talking about, so she keeps it up.

  6. This is how these democratics/leftists in the media do it. They first attack through slander, false accusations, manipulating the evidence and witnesse's statements. If that doesn't work then they try bombarding their viewers with something else related to the case or just name calling which is pretty much what they start off with… slandering.

  7. I love how explaining how you learned new things and correct yourself is considered laughable by some.
    As for "she's a journalist so she should know this" you mean like how journalists supported the story of WMDs in Iraq? Please, journalists have limited access. Also TYT isn't an investigative journalist group (few exist anyways) so they take facts as reported by others. These are often incomplete.
    Additionally, I'll clarify, she changed her opinion on the likely outcome. She disagrees with the law as written but knows current law is how things are written.

  8. This whole fiasco is like a dirty Western Movie.. The rich rancher, owns
    the saloon, owns the sheriff and most of the land, owns the mayor and
    so what he say goes, What he do wrong is ignore or he has his ruffian
    bullies to oppress the town folks and farmers but when the folks or
    farmers do anything wrong or even right, his corrupt law officers will
    decide what is or not illegal and put you in jail or hang you or take
    your land. It's just this FUNDAMENTAL and we have all seen it in all the
    Western movie BUT YET WE LET IT HAPPEN or NOT NOTICE IT… How F-Up is

  9. For Ana Kasparian…. There is a reason major networks have a legal analyst on staff, rather than having a journalist "play a lawyer at home". Maybe Cenk could even shake the rust off his "lawyer" training.

  10. I've seen a lot of people point out that there's been a sudden back tracking by a lot of news companies and media outlets, especially after the not guilty verdict, because what they were saying was so reckless and repetitively wrong that they might get Sandmann'd, which i think Rittenhouse should consider doing. They have effectively ruined his life by their actions and need to face consequences not just because he deserves recompense, but just to finally start giving companies reason to stop wildly (and let's be honest; purposefully) misreporting the news.

  11. I don't like or watch The Young Turks at all. I can't stand Cenk and Ana, but if Ana can admit that she was wrong about the Kyle Rittenhouse case, that's a vast improvement (or some classic covering her ass to prevent lawsuits by Kyle's lawyers). 😉

  12. No Lauren, she fully knew….they were lying. As you said….it is her job to watch the footage and report…but what TYT does is watch the footage and then come up with the lie to smear whoever is the target of their marxist race-baiting

  13. Imagine being able to change your opinion based on evidence . Have you literally ever done that ? Is there 1 case that republicans have a narrative on that you say “actually no, I disagree and think the left gets it right here” I’m genuinely curious .

  14. im really scared cause im not expecting you to pass your test. if you do then i will be living a life ive never experienced befog is all thats therg.

  15. death valley cant be filled bottom up. its jacobs lowering rungs shallow flat fills covering the area but never deep at any spot. its not for you to see unless its built. its the south lake north. the dam in ssalton but not in that lake the dam is in between salton and death and huge not a dam that breaks. your going to be dis appointed because ive not told you how wasteful it is and how theres no benefits youll register. its just the last tempation of your brain. its pumps over the mountains to the the low end to maintain ssiphonage and its pumped u[p to higher levels riung by rung where less power iss needed to get it up short steps, duh. duh. duh. duh. duh. duh. and itsd all easy for me to see but its value is disturbing . its all for a clean salton sea thats able to sustain life at edens base. its the creation of what jacob cox never dreamed possibler. i survived. just not yet. jacob only planned for me to die running into you. he never thought id outhink his ssystem wghich totally is lame. jacob cox is lame. so are you.

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