Ana Kasparian BLAMES Joe Rogan (clip)

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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. I heard this somewhere. If you don’t believe in the freedom of speech for those you despise, than you don’t believe in freedom of speech.

  2. Hey Sabby. I think you're mostly correct on this but a little off. It's not that TYT wants Joe Rogan or whoever to only interview who they TYT approve of. It's that TYT at this point exists to reinforce MSM narratives. So whatever interview being done by whoever must also be done to reinforce the accepted status quo.

    In TYT's view whatever ideas are outside of the Overton Window of acceptable establishment thought can be shown to an online audience but must be cast in a disparaging light. For example you can discuss Aaron Mate and his work in Syria but only to cast him as an Assad apologist. In the same vein Joe Rogan can have on Alex Jones but in TYT's view only to ridicule Alex Jones.

    In this light it's perfectly acceptable for Ana to give a glowing respectful interview to Albright as Albright, her ideas & actions, exists within the Overton Window of acceptable establishment neoliberal thought.

  3. Wow, I barely get into these conflicts but I assumed it is well known fact that Joe refused Trump many many times. How do you miss that!? 🤔
    That being said, tyt is not something anyone can defend or should listen or watch. The sold themselves and we all know it.

  4. I like Joe because of his openness and willing to question. People listen to him. He's not all high brow, know everything. You ask questions and I'm here to shoot you down type of personality. Metaphorically speaking of course.
    He's open. It's refreshing. If you don't want to hear what he has to say, it's simple don't listen. But do not close down open dialogue, it's not helpful.
    Love your work Sabby. Thanks for the platform. People like you make a difference in this world.
    I wish Ana would lower her voice. She's such a big mouth.

  5. Gotta disagree with you on much of this one Sabby. Not that i don't agree with your sentiment, but the arguments you're making specifically. First John said he doesn't care, he's not the only host at TYT nor does he represent all of TYT. John can not care but Cenk and Ana might. Secondly, Joe Rogan is not responsible for Alex Jones but if your promoting and endorsing Jones while you're acknowledging the power and influence you have to help bolster someone is the point. I don't think Rogan is right wing necessarily but I do believe he's a reactionary and he's naturally intellectually curious. Giving him credit for not having Trump on while minimizing his endorsement of DeSantis seems disingenuous. As if DeSantis is somehow higher character than Trump or his policies are better. Endorsing Bernie in 2020 is cool, but that was 2020. Update his resume. I still don't think he's a right winger and I don't care if he endorsed DeSantis but there is a there, there. He said he'd endorse DeSantis because of his handling of covid. Okay cool. People vote all the time on just one issue. Labels don't matter. As you correctly put it last week, everyone is calling themselves a progressive now but that doesn't make it so when you analyze what their track record. Don't care about the different doctors on the Vax as long as their credible. There's nothing that says Alex Jones has changed. Rogan can speak to whoever he wants but making a case publicly that he's just misunderstood doesn't work. Rehabilitation has to be sought after. Would we say that Hillary can be rehabilitated. Sabby, fat shaming is too far, but Alex Jones further traumatizing parents who have lost children is cool? Make it make sense. Reputable doesn't mean only talking to politicians and academics. If you're going to discuss a serious topic, wouldn't want to speak to someone with direct knowledge whether they have a different opinion or they're an academic. I don't watch TYT much anymore and don't agree with them but I can see your bias for TYT in these arguments as much I see TYT's bias for Rogan in theirs.

  6. Both Alex Jones and Anna are assholes and really don't require this much attention. In addition, Joe Rogan is pretty much whichever way the wind blows. He's kind of a empty suit really. Giving these people time and attention is ludicrous. And no, I don't think Alex Jones deserves rehabilitation. If you know anything about him, You shouldn't really be talking about him if you don't know what you're talking about.

  7. Know how you can transform Rogan into a non-entity? Demand that democrat leaders create policy that helps people. The only people that worry about the influence someone like Rogan possesses are people who have nothing of substance to bring to the table. The democrat party has spent six years now pointing at Trump, precisely because they have no interest in offering a policy that means anything.

    If you're sick of Tom Brady winning Super Bowls, crying about Tom Brady won't move the needle. The only way forward is to figure out ways you can be a better team, since that is all you can control. It's time for blue voters to man the fuck up and expect more from their party or ditch the party.

    And who tf are Ana and Idarola to determine the reasons people like Joe Rogan? This whole business of reading into the minds and hearts of their opponents about what they "really mean" is now the standard and it's complete horseshit.

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