Ana Kasparian Threatens Blackmail To Critics Of Her Journalism

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  1. She is going to try to attack Jimmy Dore for doing exactly the correct thing in the circumstances. He made comments that made her uncomfortable, then apologized IN WRITING saying he would never do anything like that again. Good luck with that.

  2. Someone got extremely butt hurt…and it's obvious that she will not let this ego hurt go. And as it gets worse and worse, it's poisonous anger. But Max, being the adult right on! Facts upon facts of legit atrocities happening in Syria that needs to be spotlight. Much respect.

  3. One thing I caught, the Turks authored the Armenian genocide. "The Young Turks" was a name conferred onto young mobsters trying to break away from and eliminate the old guard "Mustache Pete's" in the 1920s and early 30s. Luciano, Lansky, Siegel, Colombo, etc, bumping off Masseria, Maranzano, etc. Started with Masseria and Maranzano going after each other in the Castellammarese War and winner Maranzano going down a few months later. Welcome to the Commission. Still not the greatest association haha.

  4. How pathetic false sexual harassment accusations. It pisses me off because it undermines real harassment. I blame Anna k for men like Weinstein and Epstein (bad spelling sorry). And those situations. And aside. Don’t know about the jeans but your wife’s hair is spectacular love 💕 the do

  5. Poor Ana has not learnt that she shouldn't ask for it on air. Neediness of that sort is always a turn off! Besides she didn't even said please! How rude to assume thar Mate would do it!

  6. I'm right-leaning but damn do I respect Jimmy and the people that he has on. Even though we disagree, I know they are in good faith and not sell outs. Now and then we do agree such as the Syria war being total bullshit

  7. Ana makes me think of Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness —
    I mean, Ana used to be seriously hot, until she let the evil take over her soul.
    "You found me beautiful once." "Honey, you got real ugly."

  8. The aim now is to cancel and de platform their critics….it works !!!! But the consequences …who knows… life is all about short term outcomes

  9. I am confused why are you spending so much time on the TYT I seem to have some notion that you once were involved with the TYT so why do you give them such energy?

  10. Still watch TYT. I can tell you right now Ana is gonna be piiiissed! Nbut at the same time I feel like they aren't putting their best foot forward. They aren't listening to anything and label peeps so quick in the comments they're becoming destructive to the left and ignoring the rainbow coalition.

  11. This whole thing is bs. Really sad to see these people just tear at each others throats while the ship sinks. Done with Jimmy, TYT, Status Coup, and anybody else looking to slander the other to get a one-up on each other. Hardly newsworthy, and worth anybody's time who isn't personally involved. Oh, and the biggest waste of my feed space. Seriously, not news. Handle it in court, instead of stroking your inflated egos on youtube.