Ana Kasparian’s Clownish Hypocrisy On Full Display.

Ana Kasparian has finally had it with the Democrats – ALL of them, even The Squad. They lie, they claim they’ll fight and then they roll over, she says, so she’s done with them. Unfortunate that she’s coming to this realization after excoriating as “grifters” anyone to her left who previously had made the same argument. Will an apology be forthcoming? We won’t hold our breath.

Jimmy discusses Ana’s surprising 180 on this issue and wonders whether it will “stick” when she begins to face the same slings and arrows she herself once hurled at Democratic apostates.

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  1. This guy doesn’t have the guts to even fathom the lesser of two evils because he’s paid and small differences in voting between dems and republicans on average don’t affect him one way or the other. Actually the republicans are probably better for his bottom line.

  2. I wish Jimmy would see the following. Maybe "like" if you agree so he's more likely to see it?

    Isn't the only real difference on this issue the fact that TYT needed more data points before realizing a lot of so-called progressives are fake? What's wrong with that? Yes, Jimmy was correct on the disloyalty a year early, but can't we imagine a possibility in which the "squad" may have actually supported Nina, but didn't, in which case, the TYT angle would have been right? Life isn't so deterministic; variation in opinion is normal and can be good when there's the general thrust of good intention. What's the problem if some on the left are more aggressive/quick to judge and others are a little less aggressive/quick to judge?

    One of my favorite principles is about "building your enemy a golden bridge to retreat across", because it captures a certain wisdom around staying focused on what ultimately matters, which is ACTION (which requires, in the long-run, some degree of unity). If being less malicious to your enemy, even when they're wrong, results in making it easier for them to swallow their pride and admit they're wrong on a particular issue, that's the only wise path. Everything else is misguided.

    Please spare me all the "they said this / they said that" or "TYT is a lost cause" as it really exactly misses the point.

  3. The biggest turn off to lefties is their vitriolic, hyperbolic, dogmatic, emotional ranting.
    I had tuned out lefties, their concerns, and their positions for years… because I don’t respond to that type of behavior.
    As much as lefties hate JD, he has done more in 24 months to get me to listen to the positions of the left more seriously, and understandingly, than anyone else.

  4. This is beautiful! It shows a shitlib waking up!
    Not really a fan of the Jimmy Dore laughs st her in vindication. Its not really something to celebrate. The whole thing is sad. I tell people the are manipulating peoples best virtues, and making virtue an ugly word.
    Rather than laughing she should be congratulated snd consoled! We need more people like her to wake up, and be brave enough to fight against their own dogma!

  5. It's funny when you go on TYT these days, Cenk feels like this cool, collected voice of reason and then Ana gets on and she's unhinged. Ana is a terrible human being.

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