ANALYSIS: Biden COMMITS US Military To Defend Taiwan | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk with foreign policy analyst Elbridge Colby about the Biden administration’s policies towards Taiwan that are in the spotlight after Biden called for the military to defend the island nation

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Elbridge Colby:

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  1. If chinese diplomat can threaten australia just for buying nuclear submarine, i don't see what's the problem of saying we will defend taiwan. The only problem i see is people that get rich by selling out to CCP will lose their bussiness which is a good thing.

  2. I don't get how these sophisticated analysts never consider Taiwan's point of view. It's always just what America wants and what China wants. Because of the severe lack of actual knowledge about Taiwan, it would probably be quite surprising for Americans to find out that Taiwan is a nation of 23 million people, with a bigger economy than that of Israel…

  3. Elbridge was an awesome guest and I hope he starts making more appearances. Good or bad, he wasn't trying to fein emotion to make a point like certain other guests, very straight to the point, and not afraid to hold steady after Krystal's comments. Could watch this segment everyday.

  4. Thank you Krystal for being a voice of reason. So annoying that this "guest" needs to discuss what triggers him. Way to further the discussion… Not.

    Saagar, keep being irrelevant.

  5. Any future where the U.S. and all other nations of the world allow China to invade and take over Taiwan is a future no one wants to live in. The idea of China solely controlling the manufacturing and distribution of the most advanced chips on Earth is literally a nightmare beyond the imaginations of most. We're currently suffering from a semi conductor shortage that's had a disastrous effect on the global economy, and that's just from mostly external factors affecting the production, so imagine if those foundries intentionally slowed things down and charged us a premium. For the record, when the U.S. factories finally finish their construction, we'll, at best, be producing last generation chips. We must protect Taiwan for so many reasons, and if this for any reason doesn't have bipartisan support, we might as well just end America because that experiment clearly failed.

  6. "Free world economic area" YES. This! With a majority rule voting structure (maybe 75% for really important things) and the ability to add and remove countries, and a varied and intricate set of methods to corrale countries into playing nice internationally and domestically.

  7. Giving up on tarrifs to china CAN be good geostrategocally. You don't want to just disconnect from problem states econonically out of the blue. It's as if a parent has one good punishment for their children, but they can only use it once. It would be folly to use it when the kid isn't even acting up.

    So what you do when they are behaving is strengthen that tool in myriad subtle ways so that it COULD be used when necessary. And close economic integration could be a facet of that.

    Cant hurt their economy if it has already disconnected from yours.

    But you can make a country more dependant on you than you are on they by perhaps introducing little sly economic/business rules that make industry have a quick and easy "changeover" backup when and if ties must be cut.

    Like for example, had germany been quietly building LNG ports, and requiring companies (where feasible and economical) to have backup capabilities for different power sources, or access to rail. I dunno, just spitballin'

    But thats the idea, create a bunch of little backup plans while keeping economic integration still at 100% so you can launch an economic nuke when necessary.

  8. I'm impressed with Krystal. She asks the real questions. With regard to fighting a war on 2 fronts, during WWII, they say this is what led to Germany's downfall. Nobody can fight a war on 2 fronts. But we forget that during WWII, the U.S. did fight a war on 2 fronts (Europe and the Pacific) and we won both. Today we are facing the same, and our military is the strongest in history…

  9. Reminder to everyone that since the war Breaking Points has not done any interview of

    Aaron Mate
    Scott Ritter
    Chas Freeman
    John Mearshrimer
    Col Douglas McGregor
    Jimmy Dore
    Glenn Greenwald

    But has done interview of
    This Eldridge Colby guy.

    I don't trust any of these Neo cons or Neo Libs from
    1) Brookings institute
    2) Hudson institute
    3) Georgetown University
    4) Marathon Initiative

    So Much for "Fierce and Independent" Journalism.

  10. Good ole clinton trial balloons are back. Same exact thing with the putin statement. And the statements aren't searching for words iffy statements. It's on purpose.

  11. That's some real shit, that's a real plausible scenario where all of east Asia flips and we're left holding the bag. More people live in Asia than outside of it which means capital gravitates there, then there's the fact that a majority of the global GDP is produced there means that we're looking at a China dominated world. Best case scenario we're looking at a U.S. and European excluded world, worse case it's a return to an economic power balance of the middle ages and likely a lot of the socio-political issues that come with it.

  12. This guy “we’re gonna be working for the Chinese.” That ship sailed a long time ago with the outsourcing of American industry bro. That’s why every decision we can make sucks

  13. Serious question. Why is China our enemy?? Because they want to produce and sell things aka GDP?? Isn’t that what we want to do? Just saying how does that make them an evil enemy? 🤔

  14. I mean, US military aid is funneling public money to weapons contractors via loans to Ukraine.. so idk how much Washington wants to reduce that.. execs need their nation building in Martha's Vineyard..

  15. Who is in these polls I am never part of, much like most Americans!?
    So let me get this straight; we recognize Taiwan as part of China but not really? The world recognize (including Taiwanese) it as part of China but we don't? Who are we to decide? We need baby formula and y'all out here plotting the next war ,while we're going broke over this one with Russia?
    "Fix your home before trying to help others" ; Although, helping is NOT the word in case of the US being all over the world. The more you reach your hand out to grab,the more you expose your arm. WE NEED BABY FORMULA…..BABY FORMULA PEOPLE……I CAN'T BELIEVE I VOTED FOR THESE CLOWNS. The sad thing is …..I can't "see" the next president…..SMDH!!!!!

  16. This…is gonna suck.

    Moral reason: we don't need to be involved in any more nations except our own.

    NatSec reason: We already stretched our forces thin with 20 years of Afghanistan and 18 in Iraq. We can talk tough all we want as a nation but the US can't feasibly commit forces to any war with China without it backfiring horribly.

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