ANALYSIS: Why SF Voters FIRED Chesa Boudin | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar are joined by journalist and author Ross Barkan to discuss the San Francisco recall of soft on crime District Attorney Chesa Boudin by a wide margin especially with minority voters

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Ross Barkan:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. He wasn't protected by the elites. Gavin Newsom was protected by the elites, which is why the recall vote was rigged. Newsom has more fault for the issues in LA, SD and SF.

  2. LOL. This dude is clearly a leftist. And he is just circling around the fact that PEOPLE ARE SICK OF FUCKING LEFTIST POLICIES! And also: people are starting hating so called "progressives".

  3. Really enjoyed the show, but the lack of data and any meaningful voices of actual SF residents leaves the entire segment oddly hollow. Why not add someone who actually knows what's happening on the ground (e.g. the total ignorance of the decades long decline in support of police / policing in the city and the DA's incredibly impactful policies, for which he is directly responsible). Please do better to add more knowledgeable guests when you address West Coast / Pacific Northwest issues – it isn't weak to admit an area of imperfect knowledge and it is clear that neither of you has deep understanding of the disappointingly messy politics crippling the most populous and economically influential state in the country. The west in general, and CA in specific, are clearly Blindspot for you both, and additional support would and background would be immensely helpful.

  4. Plain and simple. The judge and defendants lawyer defend the accused. The DA accuses and tries to prosecute. Chelsea was also defending. So who’s prosecuting?

  5. Chesa Boudin said that the drug gangs selling the drugs to the homeless and occasionally killing them with said drugs are themselves victims of human trafficking.

  6. Please read the Troy McAllister case in January 2021 a convicted felon and career criminal hit and killed two pedestrians. Troy McAllister was on parole and had been arrested multiple times prior to the death of these women and Boudin released him every time. Boudin took no responsibility for these women’s deaths. Events like this are the reasons he was easily recalled by a majority democrat population. I haven’t heard this and the other similar incidents mentioned at all in the coverage of this very welcome recall.

  7. Guess the 40% of the voters who wanted Boudin to keep his job. They are mostly white privileged progressives who lives in areas where crime is actually low.

  8. I don't think homeless people should be locked up for simply being homeless. But if they're openly using drugs in the streets, shitting on the sidewalks and stealing from convenience stores daily, lock em up. They threw their life away, maybe they can take some personal responsibility behind bars

  9. It is interesting this assumed intellectual validity of binary belief systems, both sides have an equal "correctness" in various forms.

    Instead, as this recall illustrated, the complete destruction of the progressive belief system in how to address crime. This experiment has failed at a colossal scale, but yet is never faced only in the sense of "perception" management of the citizenry.

    To expand further, the entire belief system for the Progressives has imploded in terms of validity since Biden's inauguration. It doesn't mean the "Conservative" path is correct, but the Progressive side is completely and utterly, an intellectually and empirically failed concept on full display.

    Yet, because of this being core to identity, this can never be acknowledged. That a perspective held… wait for it… CAN. BE. WRONG. No equivocation allowed. Gravity will not reverse itself, which is the same Progressive view that discounts fundamental principles that have been observed in humans and their social systems throughout our entire evolutionary existence.

    So to Progressives everywhere, it is over. This system of belief is defunct. YOU are not defunct, but this framework of belief is. Go find another.

  10. You typically get fired when you don't do your job. He wasn't even pretending to do it. At least office workers will flashing back to a spread sheet when the boss comes by their hole.

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