Analyst: China Economic COLLAPSE Imminent | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar consider the argument by a financial analyst that China’s economy is headed towards a collapse

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  1. A real factor was purchase before build. The construction companies stop building before completion. They would then move on to a new project to repeat. People are left with no faith that thier home will ever be finished but must still pay the morgage.

  2. How are you guys better then corporate media again? China's got problems, but nowhere near as bad as the USA. Their inflation is under control. Ours is out of control. A weaker Yuan is good for China's exports. Or should we say a strong dollar is good for China's exports. And exports are all that really mater to China's economy. And the dollar is getting stronger as the FED stays the course which is almost guaranteed. In the long term, BRICS is going to destroy the petrol dollar and benefit them. Vaccines? RNA is a new drug class. Maybe you should start differentiating. Real vaccines have great track record. RNA is experimental. You have to put on corporate blinders to not see the side effect of RNA and the spike protein. RNA did almost nothing to stop the spread and assure future immunity against the cerveza sickness. I'll take my natural immunity over what you have any day. You should leave the condescending fear mongering to the corporate media. Instead of rushing to become them.

  3. Sagar and Kristal both have a major in economics, but their views are 100% modern theory, reflex of colleges only giving one or 2 classes of all other economics schools. This leads to very narrow and most of the time, bad and wrong options about economics. For me their economic insights are FAR the worst part of their show, always getting things wrong. They should have economic specialist to talk about domestic economics and forights economic specialist like Peter Zeihan (that already appeared as guest in the past)

  4. I'm a premium subscriber, but I wanted to let you guys know that when you have a title like "Analyst: China Economic COLLAPSE Imminent" it reads with an energy like, "Sources: Donald Trump INDICTMENT Imminent."

    Unless either of those things happen tomorrow, they are not imminent and nobody should really care.

    You guys are better than this.

  5. I don't believe that China will have a total economic collapse, however it will definitely shrink. I think if anything the worst China will see is a similar situation that happened to Japan. A major hit to the economy and then stagnation.

  6. Breaking Points will learn (again) that Authoritanism CCP style will endure. Western eyes want collapse … but China/CCP is far more resilient than is believed. But we'll see …

    additionally, using "cheap crap from China" in a perjorative fashion continues to highlight the amateur fashion referring to China's economy. They make tons of cheap crap … but they also make tons of good crap and excellent crap and everything in between.

    It's the cheap labour and authoritarian society/economy that has helped China flourish and if Americans want their apple phones or whatever – it's made in China. Go ahead, make it in California, or Mexico, or Indonesia …. we're all waiting.

  7. Wall street has been predicting China's economic collapse since 2015! Many even claimed, last month, that it would collapse in 29 days! From the date that those articles/youtube videos were published that means China should have collapsed by the 8th Sept 2022! I would take such articles with a big grain of salt. Furthermore, US dollar is up due to the Fed's raising interest rate repeatedly this year, many currencies around the world are dropping relative to the US dollar, not just the Chinese yuan.

  8. Money & macro did a good bit on this. The most likely scenario is you’ll probably not see a collapse of the economy but something more like Japan in the 90s with stagnation and slow decline.

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