Analyzing William Barr’s Election Fraud Comments and the Legacy Media Spin Cycle

Barr’s office isn’t primarily responsible for forensic investigation of servers nor of interviewing witnesses:


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  1. I disagree. If Trump loses this legal battle to a brain dead old puppet that hid in his basement the majority of the time, there is no chance of winning in the future as well as having any legitimacy of elections.

  2. SCOTUS will vote to protect the Countries Election System and vote to invalidate the Election and send it to Congress to decide… or should I say, that's the only logical, reasonable, rational, Constitutional way to go… if there is "evidence" of "wide spread" (not necessarily massive) voter interference and fraud and possible voter machine manipulation… then the election MUST be invalidated for the safety of the election process…

  3. Here in California we had a number of propositions of course like always. One in particular was Proposition 20. On its face it looked good. It talked about the amount of money you still before it becomes any real crime at all. Which is a good thing. But it also said, if you're pulled over and happened to be a suspect, just a suspect, then the police would be required to take your DNA. Luckily, at least this time… California has seen to that b*******. But they're going to cram it down our throats in another way. We have a dictator for a governor and he's all in. Motherfuker.

  4. Welp, time to get my ass back to studying Japanese and getting the fuck out of America. Russia might be nice, too, if my brain can handle yet another alphabet. Fuck man I just got all comfy because I figured there'd be fucking something being done about the fraud. If not voter fraud then how about that fucking laptop? …No? Still Nothing?

  5. What ever happened to not commenting on current investigations/ongoing litigation/etc? Comments like Barr's does nothing positive for the President & only gives the msm additional fodder for their continued attacks.

  6. I'm going to put a little PSA here (please note that this comment is a general statement and is not all that relevant to this video.)

    To all the people angry/upset at the current situation, note, first of all, that your feelings are understandable and that there should be good, proper investigations into the matters at hand. However, do not let your emotions trap you into dangerous thinking and take away your reason. I've seen a few people falling into "guilty until proven innocent" type of thinking; DO NOT lead yourself into thinking that type of mind set is okay. It's dangerous and bad things can happen when people descend into those types of thoughts.

    When it comes to claims of voter abnormalities/fraud and suspicious behavior, make sure you're looking at things with a critical eye, that you use your reason, not your emotions, don't trust everything you see/hear/read on either side, and that you're willing to look at things from view points that aren't your own. When you see or hear about articles supposedly "debunking" the abnormalities/fraud claims make sure you READ the articles. I know, a lot of those articles are published on sites that have been shown to be bias and full of people who just flat out lie, but it's important to read them so you can understand the opposite side's argument more. Don't just dismiss the arguments presented in the articles as fake or incorrect just BECAUSE. Read the arguments, consider the arguments, research the arguments if you can, and when/if you decide the arguments don't hold water make sure you can formulate a rational argument for why you think that. Following these steps should make your arguments against them stronger.

    Also, keep in mind that people displaying suspicious behavior doesn't automatically mean those people were up to no good. Sometimes suspicious behavior only seems suspicious because it is out of context and becomes a whole lot less suspicious once it is put back into context.

    (Note, this is not me saying you should accept suspicious behavior. Obviously, questions should be asked, especially when it's blatantly off, just keep your head on straight and calm so that you don't become a hammer who sees nails everywhere.)

    When it comes to the court cases, the first thing you need to do is look at the lawsuits presented by Trump's legal team and judge their merit in an as unbiased way as you can. Next, look at the cases themselves, what was presented during them, and what the judge's reasoning for his/her eventual ruling was as impartially as you can. The final thing I suggest you do is to understand that most of us (probably including yourself,) have limited knowledge on how these things work. Seek out the legal knowledge you lack so you can better understand how wrong/right the judge's ruling was.

    Remember to prioritize rational thinking over emotional thinking. Your emotions are understandable, but don't let them cloud your judgment and control you, only bad things will result from that.

    As I said before, there should be proper investigations.

    Before I end this comment, I just want you all to know that I wish you well and hope you're taking care of yourselves (both physically and mentally.) I know that means pretty much nothing coming from a random person on the internet, and I know there are probably a lot of you who think this is a dumb comment, but that's okay. Just make sure you take care of yourselves and stay rational thinking. Thank you for reading.

  7. The blackpilling is getting old.

    We don’t even know what the material evidence is that is being presented to the courts aside from the hundreds of sworn affidavits.

    I don’t understand the sudden black feeling either. Everything that was suggested to be the current administration‘s plan to appeal all the way to the Supreme Court seems to be working.

    Waaah A few politically motivated judges dismissed a handful of affidavits outright without even looking into it? Cool. Take it to court.