Anathematising Ideas is Intellectual Cowardice

Conservative MP and Minister for the Cabinet Office Michael Gove tweeted out a picture of his bookshelf. On it, were suspect tomes of arcane lore that only the Sith would read, leading leftist checkmarks to declare this morally unacceptable. Cue idiocy.

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  1. Ok Akkad, which problems have you solved, and where can we see your solutions being implemented, either by you or by someone else?
    One will be enough to start with.

  2. I'm a little confused. If they have such incredible vitriol for everyone who has ever read a book, how do they know that the book is heretical to begin with?

  3. "…This often includes antisemitic denialism plus horrendous race "science…"
    She is talking about the Labour party isn't she?
    Labour has both of these 'qualities' in abundance.

  4. All it says to me when people say you can't read a book is that they are afraid that they are unable to argue against the arguments made in the book. Which really says all you need to know about such people.

  5. The question is, if we are not allowed to read these works to evaluate them… who is? Oh right, our Guardian marxist-priests are allowed and we must accept their judgement as sacrosanct.

  6. So… the left believes in facism yet denys it and is actively suppressing a group of people based on ideology and hides opposing ideas to create a chamber of one idea to brainwash people and burns books of those opposing ideas to destroy the written down ideas.

    The left act more like nazis then actual nazis do.

  7. A fascinating video and discussion here. I wonder if the concept of likes and retweets could be given this treatment. Likes and comments used to appear on one's subscription feed here on YouTube. Not wanting to broadcast my every click to my (very small) subscriber list, I chose years ago not to make those actions public.

    On Twitter (to which I've never been signed up), things are very different. Engagement is everything. But the point is: Do likes and retweets really signify a wholehearted endorsement of the entire message? I think not. However, it's treated that way by all of the same types. In many cases that includes the police.

  8. I wonder are these “journalists” aware of the rampant Holocaust denial in the Middle East from the people they are so desperate to welcome to society?

  9. During WW2 Rommel, the Desert Fox had written a book on how he conducted war, Montgomery read this book and understood how to defeat Rommel,and then went on to do so. Now are the lefties stating that you shouldn't read books, especially those from the opposition, perhaps they should read more and study some examples of why they have lost the last how many elections and referendums???? Or do they want to copy Hitler?? after all there's not much difference between Facism and marxist communism, they're all about silencing freedom of thought and speech, and controlling the people.

  10. I've got the East German "Geschichte der KpdSU (B), Kurzer Lehrgang" on my shelf; it's essentially the one single book on Marxism allowed in the early Soviet Union, translated to German. It's a history of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as seen by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. One chapter (on historical materialism) was probably written by Stalin himself. This is the exact book where Orwell got that idea from that the party invented the airplane. And the chapter on the purges is absolutely hilarious.
    I should puslish a photo of myself with that book just to trigger someone.

  11. Shit… I own a David Icke book. am I a bad person now?
    I also own Behold a Pale Horse, and several books by Zechariah Sitchin, and Story of the Eye, and 120 Days of Sodom by de Sade, and Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
    I also borrowed Mein Kampf from my middle school library cuz I wanted to be edgy (I didn’t even read it, it was literally just to be edgy).

  12. I study philosophy, I've read a lot of those books myself as it is important to do so when you want to understand all sides of any given situation. It is probably MORE important to read things you disagree with then things you do agree with, as you already know what you do agree with. Only in approaching the things we would usually avoid can we begin to truly understand any given situation.

    "Why do you own a copy of Mein Kampf?"

    "Can you think of a better way to attempt an understanding of what Hitler was thinking during his dictatorship?"

  13. 5:10 — RE: "… Plus Horrendous Race 'Science' …" — And this from the person who has "Critical Race Theory" on their bookshelf, and does not see the Projected Disdain, nor the Irony. Well done, Sargon!