And the destruction of child innocence continues

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Written by Sydney Watson


  1. I think it does actually make a bit of sense to think about how you would explain such things to your kid. Not to force it onto them like 'this is your first pride parade!' but… well, you know how the internet be. If they saw something like that online that scared them or they could not understand, I would want them to talk to me about it, no matter if it's some kinky stuff or something gruesome or whatever.

  2. Unfortunately i live in California, i will not. Allow my son to attend school without signed documentation stating: No vaccination, critical race theory or puberty blockers without parental consent. The fact that I need this before I will allow my son to go to school is fucking appalling. And I’m risking going to jail for this.

  3. This is grooming. They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. Any child psychologist worth their salt would tell you as much. These behaviors and dialogues are textbook grooming.

  4. This is not about kids, this is about the people who want the kids. Follow the money and/or, in this case, the perversion. Please do a video on that, expose them, not promote their propaganda, but who, what, where, and how they're doing this. Also, what organizations, people, groups, and companies are pushing back, so we can join the resistance. Thank you.

  5. Cool video but I vehemently disagree with the comparison of Orcs to Feminists. Orcs got shit done, modern day feminists just complain on twitter for things to BE done lol!

  6. You know about Moloch and Mammon, right?
    You do realize that the most monetarily wealthy(trillionaires and their dynasties) would LOVE an entire planet like Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Annual missing children statistics speak of something truly sinister grown out of this sick culture.

  7. the person depicted uses the term "the lesbian auntie" purely because she intends to indoctrinate the child into the LGBT+ cult. Now I'm not saying that being LGBT+ is a cult I'm saying that there has been a praised-based ideological cult built using it as the foundation. It's one thing for the child to grow up, be taught the natural method of human reproduction at an appropriate age, and then decide that they want something else. it is a completely different story to teach them that LGBT+ is normal and guide them into accepting and participating in it. Because until two men or two women can reproduce through a sexual act, homosexuality will not be a biological productive natural activity.

  8. My friends and I are always kink positive and even if we disagree or dislikes certain aspects that each other does like, we respect them. The one rule that is on the top of the list and an absolute rule is NEVER exposure to children or teens until they're legally an adult at 18

  9. Completely agree with everything! It's only a matter of time before pedophilia becomes socially acceptable and turns into just another 'preference'. Society is rapidly plunging itself into the darkest depths of irreversible degeneracy. It MUST stop.

  10. simple
    if: pride should allow children, then kink shouldn't be allowed
    if: pride should allow kink, then children shouldn't be allowed
    and furthermore
    if it's bad (develop/mentaly harmfull) for kids to attend, then it shouldn't be called "pride"
    it should be called "shame"

  11. My main problem with the rainbow argument is that every single reason they give to try and justify it can be used for every other sexual scenario too.
    Two consenting adults: Adultery is between two consenting adults.
    It's found in the animal kingdom pee…do…philia and raype are also found in the animal kingdom.
    It's not a choice: Neck…row…philia is a men—tall diz—order therefore not a choice
    It can be safe if you use protection: N—cest can be "safe" if you use protection
    Love is love no matter who it's for: So if you want to love someone's lover, it's all good?

  12. The problem is that since the lgbtq community is a community solely based off of sexuality it pushes these people to have their sexualities and kinks be a main driving force of their personalities. I personally don't think that these things should be a part of your personality unless you are in very specific areas in society such as clubs, bars, parties (adult parties), and other places where people are ensured to be of age and where your sexuality and kinks are necessary to talk about. The problem with pride parades and stuff of the like is that is that it pushes oversexualization into normality in society rather than pushing acceptance for people's differences.

  13. My argument would be more toward the legal side of things. We prevent, or at least attempt to prevent, underage children from having access to pornography or graphic imagery online. Why? Because of laws. Why are these peoples' opinions allowed to violate laws of indecency and child abuse by expose the children, and sometimes themselves, when we prevent and censor it online and at "adult only" clubs?

  14. So when that lady tells the doc that her ass hurts, and the doc asked where, she said it was right at the entrance.

    The doc told her that as long as she referred to it as an entrance, it would continue to hurt!

  15. It's bloody awful, like most other woke, leftist nonsense. There's no way anyone should be exposing children to adult concepts and sexuality; something which has not generally ever been a problem with heterosexual people, who tend to understand that somewhat implicitly. Or did at any rate.

    Never mind that, that woman was creepy as F.

  16. Ya know, in the real world, introducing children to deviant sexual behavior — is a felony. “C’mon, Timmy, get into my van and have some candy while we search for my lost puppy.”

  17. I have no problem with pride or with gay and bisexual people. I don't even mind the crazy parades that they throw and the skimpy clothing that they all seem to love to wear.

    But I do have a major problem with the it's completely natural and OK to change your gender argument. How can these freak ass liberals be so high up on their horse as they talk about the science as it pertains to covid. Yet completely live in fantasy land when it comes to some of the most basic scientific principles such as gender, Versus birth defects, Versus mental illness. If gender does not change gender cannot be changed the only time gender is not certain is if there is a birth defect and that is called hermaphriditism, or a mental health issue called gender dysphoria. Neither of which makes a boy a girl or vice versa.

  18. There's a difference between encouraging children to accept LGBTQ+ and encouraging them that it's basically supposed to happen that you are LGBTQ+, as if something went wrong if you're just a heterosexual.

  19. Aren't these the same folks that try to cancel anime and manga because of fictional kids and teens being depicted in what they consider "inappropriate situations"?

  20. Anyone else think we need to dial back a bit and start beating the hell out of these child predators? Put them back in their place and stop corrupting the youth that shouldn't be involved in their fucked up world.

  21. Irony is not being able to show the cartoons that some perv has drawn as this is a "family friendly "site but those cartoons are targeted towards kids how the flaming hell does that work? I have 2 kids under 10