And The VP Pick Is…

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. democrats dont care about dead black men, they make great props for them. they like the boule black women, they make great stealth authoritarians for these socialist police statists.

  2. I haven't met any metal fans that would vote for Biden. Could be the lasting memory of Tipper Core going forward with censorship over metal albums that left and indelible mark on their minds and knowing that Biden is from the same mindset of people that crave control.
    "If he wins the Presidency mortal man would suffer an eternity of darkness."

  3. I have a suspicion that the demos have long thrown in the elections towel so they are fielding the expendables, a Pedophile alkzheimers overt racist old bag, & a cop who will jump on anything. WOW

  4. Razor, do you think the Democrats might be trying to bypass our election cycle entirely by forcing people in their homes and forging votes? They have a 2/3 chance of taking the presidency if we dont have a clear President by January 30th right? Like we're looking at three potential Democrats taking the office vs. Trump alone. If Biden wins, Kamala will no doubt take office after his ential run, she does so if he steps down as well, then if we dont have a clear victor Pelosi takes the office. Not to mention all these blue states chasing their citizens off into red and purple states, thanks to the commy cough authoritarianism, who will no doubt vote Democrat. I'm curious what you think good sir. God speed

  5. This made me laugh… oh my god is this gonna be good or what? But you know what? The democrats already got the left's vote regardless so fuck the far left, who else are they gonna vote for? It's those moderates they're going after, the ones burned by trump and the ones who just want some peace and quiet after the veritable shitstorm that was 2020. This is surprisingly brilliant. I love where this is going.