Anders Tegnell: Sweden won the argument on Covid

Freddie Sayers speaks to Anders Tegnell.

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Of all the celebrities that have been created during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Swedish State Epidemiologist is perhaps the most surprising. A softly-spoken official within the Swedish Health Agency, he has quietly been going about his work monitoring infectious diseases for years.

But his decision, when Covid hit, to stick to his long-established plan and not recommend mandatory lockdowns, not close the schools, turned him into a lightning rod for competing views on the pandemic. Endless articles have been written about him in media across the world and some Swedes are known to have had tattoos made of him.

UnHerd spoke to him back in July 2020, when he defended the lack of mask mandates and was hopeful that widespread immunity would protect the Swedes from a bad winter wave — a hope that turned out to be overly optimistic. “Judge me in a year,” he said.

Just over a year later, on the eve of Sweden releasing almost all of its remaining Covid restrictions on September 29th, Freddie Sayers spoke to him again. His message? On the big questions — whether Covid was something we had to live with, whether schools should be shut — he believes he has been vindicated.

As ever, many thanks to Anders for taking the time.

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00:00 – 01:21 – Introduction
01:21 – 03:55 – Was Swedish policy a success?
03:55 – 05:30 – On the vaccine
05:30 – 08:47 – Sweden’s relaxing of restrictions
08:47 – 09:51 – Were you wrong?
09:51 – 13:48 – The Swedish experience
13:48 – 15:10 – How divided are people over Covid policy?
15:10 – 17:56 – ‘Were there moments when you thought, have I got this right?’
17:56 – 19:46 – Worries about future epidemics
19:46 – 20:31 – ‘I’ve had two pandemics. That’s probably at least one too many.’
20:31 – 21:16 – Final thoughts

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  1. Watching this just one month later, and so much of what Andres said about the jabs turned out to be wrong. The jabbed: 1) carry higher viral loads, 2) are super-spreaders, 3) are a danger to the unjabbed, 4) are suffering complications, 5) need boosters. Yikes.

  2. From the ninetys I aperantely had to deal with Sweden on my jobside. Of course later on the comapny whas taken over by the big V…… company, the construction eqippment departement, though. I realy began to realise, that the swedish people are the most sensitive people, when it comes to matters of health and safety. This impression whas reinforced, when we travelled through Sweden on 2 holliday trips. A country that has this kind of sensible people in the government can call themselves realy blessed. Dr. Anders is a hero of our time.

  3. I agree with his initial stances, but to say that the vaccines are the only way out of the pandemic is incorrect. There are known therapeutics that greatly decrease the severity of the disease and natural immunity is far better than artificial immunity.

  4. No vax poison 4 me, ive got NATURAL IMMUNITY. Here in Texas We still have freedom because we are armed and wont let goverment rape us. If you want vaccine thats up to you. Im not a criminal or selfish because i didnt get it. How do they treat cancer? With poison chemo or radiation. Thats science? How do they treat disease? With big pharma side effect poison. Thats science? Im good thanks. Will keep practicing healthy lifestyle and eating fruits and veg and using natural remedies. Surgeons are good though. Cant live without those.

  5. Finally an interview about COVID that does not give an impression that it's just following a onesided narrative. Complements to the intervieuwers honest and unbias uproache. Thank you, sir.

  6. Don't know if I agree with vaccination for COVID being the requirement for everyone. After all, there are studies showing unvaxed people who had COVID and recovered having a better and longer-lasting immunity from COVID. For volnurable sections of population vacine is a must-have, sure, but for the not immunally compromised – do we actually need it to stop the deaths?

  7. The vaccination of your people the success of its effectiveness will only be known by April 2022, it seems you are now putting your faith on a leeky vaccine program. Maybe you should of held off this interview until April. 2022 . Swedens approach was sociologically and economically the way to go, I applaud Sweden and Anders for that, but vaccination endurance and effectiveness is waining in other countries, Israel for example. Maybe you need listen to the advice or warning that universal vaccination is a catalyst for escape immunity for the virus, potentially creating conditions for a more serious mutation. Come back in 2022 Andres.

  8. 𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝗮 𝗯𝗶𝘁 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗽𝗽𝗼𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗱 with this interview. Dr. emphaises the vaccine as a miracle, but nothing about 𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗹𝘆 𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁. ¿Afraid to be censured?

  9. Sweden’s strategy has been a catastrophic mess as critiqued by the Constitutional Committee’s initial investigation, and with more to come in the final report by the Corona commission next year (hopefully not too biased). Our death toll lacks comparison with comparable countries. This is not, necessarily, only referring to the strategy itself, but the surrounding measures. Things like preparedness and readiness, coordination between authorities, elderly homes (shameful catastrophe), testing, face masks, etc.

    It’s interesting that anybody who has questioned the strategy has even been rejected as “anti-scientifical”, but, to the contrary, anybody who has supported the government’s line (basically its abdication to the Public Health Authority) — sometimes unconditionally — has not been held accountable or even responsible. The latter does not have sound scientific basis.

    But the main point here is to realize that the main priority has not been to reduce the spread, but to maintain the government’s image. Unfortunately, the Swedish culture has a disproportionate trust in government and is especially narrow-minded.

  10. Some basics: the other Nordic countries have 1/3rd to 1/10th deaths per capita and 1/2 to 1/4th total cases per capita as compared with Sweden. As Mr Tegnell is saying, the vaccine saved the day, what he did NOT say is what would have happened in Sweden if the mass vaccinations had not become availble in beginning 2021.

  11. And WHAT a great job he has done! More dead than the rest of the nordics combined, 200 000 postponed surgical procedures, 300 000 people having lost their sense of smell, people 65+ locked away for 8 months (that's quite the 'no lockdown' policy – for the important people, that is – elderly and children happily sacrificed). And all the while he has managed to deceipt his way into the hearts of the less intelligent – just look at this comment section! He lies, he is inconsistent (even in the same effing interviews he sometimes says completely opposite things, mere minutes apart), he is incompetent, lazy and stupid, yet suffers from one of the worst Dunning-Kruger inflictions, worsened only by the fact that others, as well, think highly of him.

  12. Ah yes, the doctor turned beaurocrat with literally only one module of epidemiology under his belt declares that Sweden did the right thing.
    Meanwhile Sweden's own investigation into its own pandemic management, run by an independent team of experts, commissioned by the government itself concludes pretty uniformly that Sweden did almost everything poorly, particularly compared to its own neighbours.

    How curious that Unherd yet again only listens to one side of the Swedish story. Its almost like they're trying to sell the world a narrative 🙂

    Oh well, I guess we'll see another half assed admittance of error in a year.

  13. What complete and utter nonsense answers from AT. Sweden has been ranked the lowest of all the ECDC countries with respect to corona strategy. He is also not stating that FHM is actively working against the vaccination of health care staff, rather than giving leftovers or unused to they force regions to throw them away.
    Sweden has 75% of all corona death in Scandinavia but less than half the population.
    They also state 80% coverage, but that just includes people above 16. Counting all it is about 60%.
    FHM is actively reducing measures to protect schools below high schools.
    They denied covid is airborne and that children spread it.
    Not to forget, the Swedish commission to check if the strategy was correct stated the following: not enough, to late and too slow to respond.

  14. Surprise! Sweden is to introduce Covid pass for some events despite being the European country where the disease is more under control. This is not about the health, this is about selling vaccines and controlling people.

  15. This channel offers 'alternate' perspectives for the profits that comes with contrarian appeal, and ignores the misinformation often present . No more clicks here – except 'dislike' and 'report' to which i now copy and paste my dislike.

  16. Why not set up SARS"COV-19 Outpatients Clinics like there is for STD's and Drug abuse? Instead of Mandates and Force, or bribary with "Rewards" for Vax'n, try some positive re-inforcement for encouraging and monitoring the acceptance of responsibility for oneself which then benefits the whole community. Early Home treatment.. It's going to end up that way, any way. The sooner, the better. Of course, with a 20M annual paycheck, there is no need to worry.

  17. Tegnell is part of the globalist pys op , Tegnell was hired by professor Giesecke who hired both Tegnell and Tegnell's boss Johan Carlson , all three are
    globalists.Geisecke who for along time and still are the right hand of WHO boss Tedros Adhanom. Tegnell during past 2 years have lied, decepted and
    decieved,(just as he did during his involvement in the swine flue scandal) the people in Europe and should stand accused for crimes against humanity.
    He's no hero , to the contrary, he is not a scientist he is a doctor. Swedish Folkhälsomyndigheten fired all the scientist in 2014. Yesterday Tegnell suggested
    all restaurants and supermarkets should implement vaxx passports, exactly what Geisecke said in 2020, so do your fvcking homework before licking
    the nazis arseses!

  18. Another scientist who has a one-sided view of the answer to this problem. All they talked about was 'the spread' but not what that means in terms of how many are seriously ill in comparison to a normal flu season. No mention of natural immunity, which is the best way to deal with this illness unless you have underlying health issues. Just more fear propaganda. Regardless of how calmly he talks he is full of the same bias rhetoric. I thought this channel about questioning and not following the 'herd' mentality???

  19. Anders Tegnell is essentially part of the globalist mafia power elite agenda in that he lies about very important questions regarding corona/COVID-19:

    1. Why does Anders Tegnell refuse to talk about and denies the existence of all the natural medical methods and a few harmless drugs that all work wonderfully against what is called COVID,, without causing any side effects, for instance vitamin D + K2 + magnesium, vitamin C, quercetin, zink, selenium, iodine, vitamin A, glutathione, N-Acetyl cystein, melatonin, different herbs, cistus incantus, dandelion, star anise, anise, colloidal silver, ozone therapy, intravenous hydrogen peroxide, inhaled hydrogen peroxide, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, intravenous cloric oxygen/ClO2, fasting, l-lysine and so forth. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. It is criminal.

    2. Why does Anders Tegnell not teach people about the importance of eating well and having a good nutrition status in the body to effectively handle infections.

    3. Why does Anders Tegnell not address and talk about the horrible side effect of the COVID-shots, people are mamed and killed at huge numbers in Sweden and all over the world.

    4. Why will Anders Tegnell not admit that less people die in Sweden and many other countries now than during other years.

    5. Why will Anders Tegnell not discuss the fact that all those mainly old people in care homes for the elderly who are said to have died from COVID.19 in early 2020 were actually mostly euthanised on orders from Swedish authorities.

    6. Why does Anders Tegnell admit in an audio recording with Michael Zazzio from 2014 that colloidal silver is effective against viruses but states in 2020 that he has never said such a thing.

    7. Why did Anders Tegnell lie to the Swedish people on Public Service television a couple of years before the corona-plandemic, saying that scientific studies on vaccines are done with inert placebos in the control groups. Vaccines are in scientific studies actually compared to other vaccines, a fact that that Tegnell is fully aware of but does not want to admit.

    8. Why does Anders Tegnell say that COVID-injections are effective against infection from and the spread of what is called COVID-19, when the vaccinated are sicker from so called COVID symproms than the uninjected and themselves spreaders.

    This will do for now.

    I have never heard a person from an English speaking country pronouncing a Swedish name, this time "Anders Tegnell", as accurately as Freddie Sayers does here.

  20. "I'm from the Philippines yet I wish I'm there in Sweden everything here are all at the worst levels great country comes with great leadership and unity upon with its people it's totally different from my shithole hometown .?!"

  21. The ignorance and stupidity of believing COVID ZERO is possible. Vaccines are NOT the magic bullet, how ignorant to believe they are. “human trials” are not even completed until 2023. Pzifer has asked for a 55 year moratorium on any results. WHY??? IT IS NOT A CIVIC DUTY. Until all vaccines are mandatory, without exemption stuff your vaccine where the sun doesn’t shine. Even vaccinated people do not agree with mandatory vaccines NOR do they believe it is a civic duty.

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