Andres Mac – Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles)

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Written by Dublin City Today


  1. This is a brilliant cover, performed by an extraordinarily talented artist…however…it’s hard not to be distracted by a display of the sheer power of what a beautiful song played by a talented individual can have over a very short period of time. Watch the couple that includes the woman in the purple top who enters from the right at about 3:00. Within 30 seconds, she’s mesmerized and has fallen in love. At 3:45 she feels guilty about developing feelings for another man and decides that she should go stand near her boyfriend so as not to raise any suspicions about her newly diminished feelings for him, and at 4:15, in a classic, but bold play of misdirection, she urges the boyfriend to leave some money and show their appreciation as a couple for this man’s efforts, and this risky strategy pays off as he willingly complies, none the wiser. But I’d be willing to bet that this wasn’t the last time she thought of this man, playing that song, while out shopping with her boyfriend, that day in Dublin.

  2. The performance that blends into the landscape is the background music for passersby, like a butterfly passing gently from shoulder to shoulder of a passing person. I was healed by your voice. thank you very much.