Andrew Bolt UNLEASHES on Victoria Police

“Wrongly arresting a reporter not once but three times? What is going on – and why is the media so uninterested in what seems to me another example of the brutal authoritarianism of the Victorian Labor government.” SHARE: SUPPORT:



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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. Yes my boi sure e nuff it’s a wrong un and a example anti smetasmesom ai moi boi.
    We like me are mixed My boi. When they wakin up? Stop being a Radical moi boi. Unless you are a wrongun.

  2. Australia has no moral authority to lecture the world on democracy. By the way, Avi is not a right-wing journalist, he is just a journalist that does his job ba sh1t load better than most of you so called mainstream journalists.

  3. Wanting the apology is not enough. You should have been fighting for those who arrested you (or rather those who made the decision to arrest you) to be fired.

  4. If a Free People ever needed proof the police are NOT on their side, but are merely the Strong Arm of Government TYRANTS, here it is!!! These are Scions of the Gestapo, nothing more.
    This is why Free People should NEVER surrender their firearms to any government. Tyranny always follows.

  5. The saddest thing is that victoria police department think that Avi was "embarrassed" by their illegal actions, while they themselves likely remain very proud of themselves for their illegal actions.

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