Andrew Breitbart — Media War

A publisher, columnist, and blogger, Andrew Breitbart is the founder of the Breitbart network of investigative news websites including,, Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and Big Peace. Breitbart’s new book is Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me while I Save the World!

Beginning with his college years at Tulane University, Breitbart unfolds his gradual awakening to conservativism, which culminates in an embrace of Rush Limbaugh. Taking on the challenge to combat the “Democrat Media Complex” he explains what he is fighting for. “I want a center-right nation to fight for its soul, and its soul is represented in the arts; its soul is represented in a world in which media is everything.” He further explains his strategy. “My business model is to aim every one of our exposés straight at the mainstream media and say, ‘Katie Couric, you are being dared not to cover this.'”


  1. The very machine that Andrew talked about trying to build a Marxist revolution through our culture to get and maintain power is who killed him. I refuse to believe that at the height of his momentum he would just drop dead on the sidewalk on his way home from a relaxing evening at a restaurant in the middle of enemy territory. He was poisoned the same way the Russians poison people they want dead. Hillary/Democrats were in deep with Putin and Uranium at this time. They killed Andrew the same way they killed the kid that leaked the emails to Wikileaks. Andrew took the fight to the enemy like no one else in our time until Trump came along. Trump is openly fighting the same machine Andrew talked about every day

  2. Just lift the veil over a liberal followers eyes and they will see the ideological deceit and bondage they have wasted their lives worshipping. Liberty follows truth. Thank you Andrew for lifting the veil of liberal deceit and destruction from so many eyes!

  3. Greetings from 2020. We have definitely inherited the war that Mr. Breitbart was fighting before the rest of us believed it was possible.

  4. Just Brilliant! Thank you for your hard work 😓 Thank you for your sacrifice! Thank you for being the light. Your life was not taken in vane 🙌🏽

  5. You know I've noticed what a gatekeeping piece of crap never Trumper this guy is but even back then choose a gay people right when Andrews on a flow this guy turns around and takes him a totally different direction. What a piece of s***