Andrew Bridgen to sue Matt Hancock for libel for calling him an “anti-Semite”

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  1. I'm not a Tory, but Bridgen has been treated appallingly. Regardless of the controversy surrounding vaccination, Bridgen has done his homework on this subject and makes legitimate points for reasonable debate.

  2. And he bought a load of drugs to give the elderly a good death. Groping a woman in Parliament. Of course he is a good upright member of parliament and a good human being. What a man does to his wife (betrayher) he will do to anyone else.

  3. I will definitely be defined and support Mr Bridges, and he is right to ask for an enquiry, and I will provide evidence that he is currently correct, has I'm human and social biologist, and microbiologist, and more

  4. Midazolam Matt will one day be in the Docks and will face a life behind bars for what he did to the elderly in the care homes.
    Never forget.
    Never forgive.

  5. So we no longer have room for open debate now on parliament , let’s sack all mps , as we now live on a tyrany , we have no need for them ,,and calling anti vax , people anti scientific , is laughable as no scientific tests were completed on the vax before use , nor was data collected methodically on the efficacy or safety of it , and the purveyors of vax were GIVEN IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION , .

  6. Hancock didn't claim Bridgen was anti-semitic, he said the statement was. Could still have a claim, but there is a huge difference between saying a statement is X and a person is X.

  7. Who is it exactly that talks about Jews, I haven’t heard anyone, who is even slightly interested in talking about Jews, all this talk of antisemitic tendencies, seems to be used to attack people, and attempt to cause serious harm to their reputation, the use of the slur 'antisemitic' should be prosecuted, if used against a person wrongly, Andrew should get his lawyers to act, removing the whip, an MP must have protection against this, Andrew Bridgen is no antisemitic, The Sunak Hunt camp want to overturn Brexit, and Bridgen has always stood for leaving

  8. Bridgen and Hancock are as bad as each other. Both slimy chancers who committed a lot of let’s call them misdemeanours during their political careers. It’s really amazing Hancock throwing shade at someone else, but Bridgen deserves everything he gets. Both vile men.

  9. These blanket statements about someone scientifically discussing pros and cons of a medical treatment being “anti medical treatment” is an absolute joke. There are thousands and thousands of doctors and scientists who back up Bridget’s claims by way of publishing and presenting data from around the world. The few brave men and women who are speaking the truth in the scientific community, most of who got the vaccine, invent new vaccines, and have been widely published on the subject of vaccines..are suddenly not credible because they’re going against the profitable narrative that was laid out as absolute law by the NIH WHO HHS CDC FDA…via the pharmaceutical companies paying them (government agencies⬅️) to lie….
    The enormous crimes against humanity on a global scale and the nonsense I mentioned above WILL NOT AGE WELL

  10. Matt I really did kill grandma Hancock has so much to hide, but is so dim of mind. And is clearly in oh shit mode, but justice he and many others must face. For their crimes against humanity,

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