Andrew Cuomo does 180° on demagoguery when the bill comes due.

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. "If we safe only one life"
    How about the hundreds of lives that were destroyed by the lockdown? How about he rampant increase in suicides because of the lockdown? How about the thousands of people who died because they didn't receive their essential cancer treatment? Does saving a single life justify ending a thousand others?

  2. Cuomo is not an essential worker. Society and the economy can function perfectly well without his profession, without anybody at all doing his job ever, but society can not survive if all the businesses that are shut down remain shut,

  3. Andrew Cuomo, he's not the governor New York wants. But he's the governor New York deserves. Why? Because you people voted for him! Let's see if you vote for him again. Bet you do.

  4. Very solid points, thanks for your insight. When do you think the issue with people not paying their home taxes would reach levels that Cuomo starts to publicly talk about it?

  5. Trump said months ago "let's start reopening the economy slowly and safely" Cuomo, and the rest of the democrats, screamed he was trying to murder the American people. Trump loses the election and suddenly there's a brand new brilliant idea. Let's reopen the economy slowly and safely. I wonder what else they'll claim they thought of next. Maybe a border wall with south America.

  6. And what is more terrible is that this governor has a book about how to handle covid. How is this acceptable while we are still in a pandemic? and unfortunately people are still passing away. This is what happens when you have a brother as a journalist and gets a pass from most of the press.

  7. un agenda 21 / wef great reset babe x

    whats a case? positive PCR test
    Whats a PCR test? well the inventor said it shouldn't be used for diagnosing a disease and said doing it over 35 cycles (how sensitive the test is) results in false positives
    Oh yeah, Dominic Raab UK MP said you get 93% false positives cos UK NHS are doing the tests at 45 cycles

  8. Louis , no offense but it doesn't surprise me that no politician you support has ever been elected to public office , at least you're not alone in that regard .

  9. You think if dictator cuomo imposed china like lockdowns, us idiots here in ny would do anything about it?

    I'm moving to Florida in 6 months or less. I have that luxury being unmarried

    My family owns real estate here. I'm telling them its a bubble and to sell but "no, new york isnt like Detroit, the city will come back"
    Who is going to come back? For what? The homeless? Beat up subways? Criminals?
    Oh! The economy, the thing that covid made entirely digital and now is going to save companies tens of millions of dollars in office space on Park Ave.

  10. Trump is leaving office. Cuomo needs to make Biden look good. Now they release the news that lockdown does more damage than good. That lockdown does not do more good than volontairy measures. It was all politics to win the election.

  11. My buddies cousin came up to Boston from Florida to surprise his family a couple days after Christmas. They are so scared they wouldn't let him in. The kid went back to Florida and blew his brains out. Now I can say I know someone who died of Covid.

  12. If only the government/educational/media/political elites who forced us to stop earning a living would demonstrate that we really were "all in this together" by donating one paycheck a month to those left unemployed, then they would not seem so hypocritical.

  13. Journalists should say something like "are you sure you want me to quote you on that?", if they said what they really wanted to say they would probably be thrown out.

  14. This is so stupid since there are plenty of countries with accurate data that have had great results. If policymakers would just look at shared strategies that these countries used, they might have a relatively free economy and a low amount of cases.