Andrew Cuomo FORCED To Return Book Earnings After Fraud | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar break down the decision by New York State’s Joint Commission of Public Ethics to demand Andrew Cuomo forfeit the profits from his book after he used state resources to complete it

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  1. so a trucker has brake failure kills four and winds up with over a hundred years in jail – dip shit cuomo orders infected people into old fuckers homes and NOTHING – he's in more hot water over what ass he grabbed or who he kissed – HE MURDERED 15,000 people – what the fuck is wrong with the god damn judicial system

  2. Krystal … "the Ego of This Man [Former Governor Cuomo] … the Narcissism of This Man" … I'm glad Saagar chimed in with "the Hubris of This Man" which is the one word that succinctly captures the Unapologetic Moral Depravity & Mendacity of Cuomo's actions … which has possibly exceeded the Hubris demonstrated by Bill Clinton with his scandalous behavior … btw … Hubris is a Sin committed by people who think they are Smarter than everyone else & Above the Law which makes it the Achilles Heel to attack them on …. they confuse their Hubris for Intelligence … it's like a Racoon getting the lid off your trash can … the Racoon's Clever, not Intelligent …

  3. Good!! Analysis have Pelosi and the others who did insider trading return their money does a profited from this insider trading! THEN let’s investigate them and send them to prison for doing the insider trading…which is illegal…unethical….(let’s treat them like they treated Martha Stewart!)

  4. Forfeit money? How is this guy not in jail? Highest incarceration rates in the world, people in prisons for marijuana related crimes, and Cuomo steals $5 million from the government amidst one of the worst pandemics in history and his punishment is to give the money back

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