Andrew Doyle | I’m Not Exaggerating The Problem | Modern Wisdom Podcast #232

Andrew Doyle is Titania McGrath, a comedian and a writer.

Expect to learn whether we need to decolonize Mars, who Andrew thinks will win the 2020 Election, why “whiteness” is a problematic term, what’s happened with gay activism, whether creating a slave-themed workout routine is a clever idea and much more…

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  1. After all my confidence on never being popped by YouTube… this episode has been demonetised ??‍♂️ If you’d be so kind – hit SUBSCRIBE instead and it would make me very happy. Love you all ?

  2. The Left consistently purity spirals. They insist on you complying with perfect ideals, and it is something you can't dissuade them from.
    All you can do is encourage them to spiral into nothingness. So, always, point out to them how they are not matching up to their own professed ideals.

  3. This is turning out to be a bit of a bugger!

    We have to follow the science. The leading Social scientists have discovered so far something like 39 genders, thirty nine steps to sexual liberation, and, as I understand it, there is no such thing as race. Racial identity is about Social Justice arising from exploitation. Joe Biden has said, authoritatively, that people who look Black but don’t vote Democrat are not really Black, and he should know.

  4. So it sounds like we are dealing with post modern marxism which has hijacked other movements and turned them into a victim hierarchy that creates division which descends into tribalism…And we know what dark paths that can lead down.

  5. ive always thought that when a wokest or SJW (whatever you want to call em) says 'you're ignorant and need reeducated'. I take that as another way of saying 'you must conform to our way of thinking'

  6. After the West has finished destroying it's self, the CCP model is going to used as the Gold standard of economy building and the UN and the World Economic Forum wet dream of Stakeholder Capitalism will come to fruition.
    I remember that David Cameron while he was in charge we wanted Great Britain to become more like China ?

  7. I notice neither one of these guys are American. You speak of the authoritarian left but here in the USA the "freedom loving" right is about to take away abortion rights, roll back worker rights, destroy teachers unions, destroy coverage for pre-existing conditions, break down the separation of church and state, and also roll back gay marriage rights. I'd much rather live under the threat of the authoritarian left then the right in America. You are in no danger of the NHS being snatched away from you but here in the US they have been trying to destroy Obamacare for years and years. The right is disgusting.

  8. Correction @45:20; it is a view of society where you value the individual, or you value the collective, rather than liberty vs authority. The only kind of liberty there is is individual liberty.
    All the identity politics you've been discussing here go away when you value the individual and his sovereign rights. When you recognize that people cannot be equal, because each of us is unique.
    It stems from Ayn Rand's accurate observation (whether you agree with her Objectivist philosophy or not), "the smallest minority on Earth is the individual". This is where "intersectionalism" collapses… You divide by race. You divide by sex. You divide by sexuality… and then the next step, you divide by race and sex; you divide by race and sexuality. Then you divide by type of sexuality. The subdivisions are endless until you reach… the unique individual.

    When you value the collective, then your authoritarianism comes in, to enforce the will of the collective over the will of the individual.
    Authoritarianism and collectivism always go hand in hand, because the latter requires the former.

  9. Your extreme far right is anarchy; every man for himself.
    Your extreme left is authoritarian collectivism; socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism, etc.

    You're welcome.

  10. I feel that the intellectual elite are bullying me. A person with no education. I believe it is my responsibility to beat bullies to death. Seems equitable to me. Love

  11. The woke movement is obviously left wing. It's ideology is clearly a spin off of marxism. All of its intellectual leaders are very left. You can say you don't want to consider them left because they don't conform to your chosen definition of what left means. But I take that about is seriously as sectarian Christians arguing about who are the true followers of Christ.

  12. SO institutional racism IS REAL, a big deal and something to be run out of town… Just not in the way the SJW's think it is.
    Anti-racism is equal but opposite racism. It's Newtonian bigotry!

  13. I am not sure the traditional Left vs Right paradigm works any more (if it ever really did. For example, I have never believed fascists and Nazis were of the Right, they were really always of the Left). I think it's more about whether you side with authoritarian collectivism or liberal individualism. Is the group the moral unit of value or is the individual?

  14. I was thinking about this the other day and if someone says black people can not be racist even when they are carying out an ethically reprehensible act then racism has no value in judging the ethics of the act. If a white man killing a black person is racist but a black person killing a white person is not racist then racism has no value in judging the ethical value of the act. Question which philosophy asks us to look upon those different to us with humanity regardless of our prejudices and which asks us to judge people by their differences. Which is a positive philosophy and which a negative scapegoating ethnopolitical monstrocity?