Andrew Doyle: “Vote Left or Right, You Still Get Woke Politics”

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Andrew Doyle is a comedian and writer. He is the inventor of the satirical character Titania McGrath and presents ‘Free Speech Nation’ on GBNews. He has written several books, the latest of which, ‘The New Puritans’, is available to buy now:

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  1. Andrew Doyle speaks the abject truth..have so much to say about this podcast..but I’m not going to as you both respect this level headed man…so I shall surmise. When KP peanuts put on their packet of nuts stated that this packet may contain nuts…I’m out.. 😀@KK

  2. There's one problem with the analogy to the Salem witch trials:
    AFAIK the accusing girls didn't say that the whole judicial process was itself witchcraft.
    They didn't refuse to testify with some lame excuse that asking them questions in court would be like siding with the devil.

    The very term "spectral evidence" shows the process was still seen as based in reality and fairness.

    What we face now is different: we're told asking for evidence and objectivity are not just proof you're racist, they are in and of themselves "white supremacy".
    This new madness has stronger built in defences against these objections. We can't fight these feelings just with facts.

  3. Well call me crazy. LOL because as a Transperson I called this shit two years ago and how crazy shit is getting now. IDK how people could do that to their children. The whole woke shit needs to stop its going to fall apart like crazy. Just glad I am not the only one standing on the outside going thats going to go down hard.

  4. This guy is smoking crack. One example of getting rid of woke polítics would be what the nazi did to the Jews in ww11. Another example would be to vote out politicians then vote in politicians to make laws against woke B.S. If there is a will to get rid of something then there is a way to get rid of it, bet on that

  5. David Lammy – race baiter extraordinaire.

    Imagine a white politician saying he was glad there are no white people among an organisation's execs. The fact that he hasn't been sacked is BS!

  6. This is an insane statement to make, but:
    I feel super greatfull for the Republicans (lol)
    I may strongly disagree with some of their policy, but at least in the US we have the R's to fight against the woke. Unlike the UK where they are stuck with woke politicians no matter what.

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