Andrew Gillum INDICTED For Wire Fraud, False Statements | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Andrew Gillum, the 2018 opponent to Ron DeSantis, was indicted for wire fraud and false statements after an FBI investigation of corruption during his campaign for Governor and time as Tallahassee Mayor

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  1. Krystal’s record not looking so nice now. Supported Gillum, AOC, Stacy Abrams, Beto and every other DEI crook who rose up the ranks of the democrat sewer. On the other hand who she constantly berates is Tucker, Marjorie Green and every other so called bigot. Turns out every one of them has way more honestly and sincerity than this crowd.

  2. I think he should go down! But trump does the same BS. And if Garland doesn't have the balls to indict Donnie. Dems and Biden deserve the butt spanking that's a coming

  3. As we have seen, a grand jury indictment especially during a heated election season is highly suspicious. An indictment is a one-sided presentation of information, providing no opportunity for defense. The power of publicly releasing an indictment is coercion.
    The political CLUB is under attack by the American voters, they don't not want thier apple cart disrupted.
    Vote THEM out.

  4. I remember at a rally at UCF with Bernie, people had signs that said he was the only democrat candidate who wasn’t a millionaire. Well looks like he was trying to be behind the scenes. Good thing I never donated to him. This is why on Election Day, I stay home now and don’t give a shred of attention to these scumbags.

  5. Most of our politicians are just like the rest of us, which is to say utterly selfish. The things Gillum has done go way beyond the pale. He is an utter disgrace and actual criminal. As a lifetime independent, the things that each party allows their team to get away with is absolutely disgusting. We should demand absolute virtue, not relative virtue.

  6. And he was the perfect democrat candidate, compromised, subject to blackmail and crooked. Do you really think he would risk his future to fight for his constituents or would he act on the orders of his handlers?

  7. Compromised politicians are essential for the ruling class so long as you're useful to your handlers dirty laundry remains hidden. Gilliams handlers were done with him when he lost the election.

  8. I fear politicians of all stripes are often engaging in corrupt actions to enrich themselves, and welcome any findings of such to hold them accountable to the people they serve.

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