Andrew Neil Show CRUSHING BBC News – GB News VICTORY!

“Great figures on @GBNEWS Andrew Neil show last night. Number one in time slot (again). Three times audience of Sky News. 26% more than BBC News Channel. And we’ve only just begun.” Andrew Neil:

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Written by Michael Heaver


  1. Your having a laugh GB news is backed by billionaires that don't live in this country hosted by a has been that lives in France and parrots the sort of tripe propaganda and disinformation you find on Russian channel RT to keep the plebs in their place.

    They take you for complete suckers and you fall for it every time

  2. Iv not seen a lot of GB news but from what I have seen brilliant exactly what’s needed a breath of fresh air proper debate uninterrupted opinions from all sides
    Keep it up ?

  3. Finally a news programme that will allow all sides of the electorate to openly voice their views without interruption, bias, and preconceived views from those who interview.

  4. Spoke too soon I guess
    BBC News at Ten: 3.6 million
    BBC News 1pm: 2.4 million
    ITV News at Ten: 1.5 million
    BBC Breakfast: 1.4 million
    BBC Question Time: 1.3 million
    Good Morning Britain: 717,000
    BBC News 9am: 294,000
    BBC Newsnight: 286,000
    Kay Burley, Sky: 54,000
    Sky News Ian King: 42,000
    Great British Breakfast on GB News: 32,000
    Andrew Neil: 31,000
    GB News DePerio & Halligan 16,000
    GB News Brazier & Muroki: 11,000

  5. There's only one news I will watch. GB News is controlled opposition. UK COLUMN NEWS is funded by ordinary people is completely independent. Backs up everything with proper journalism, and proof through proper research. So no I will not be watching it!!!

  6. This is a major victory in the West’s culture war. We’re losing in the US, but Britain never, never, never shall be slaves. We’re fighting back against liberalism. ??

  7. Love watching gb news, its so chilled and basically proper news instead of all the lefty woke crap that the bbc, sky etc. since gb news launched ive not watched any other media outlet

  8. GB News is doing a fantastic job! There may still be some technical issue, but I can live with them until they have them all ironed out.

    And I'm also warming to some of the presenters who I didn't click with immediately. Mercy Muroki for example, a completely new name and face to me, and I found her a little… "robotic" when she first appeared. But now I'm really on her team, she's starting to be a bit more relaxed and has such a nice, gentle voice, GO MERCY!!!

    Gloria De Piero is someone I never liked when she was in politics. Unfortunately when she came to GB News, for me she brought that baggage with her. But again, she's winning me over and while I still don't agree with her politics, she does come across reasonable and fair, with a sense of humour and can take a joke.

    I do have one criticism of the new channel, and I'd really like to know what others think. I know at the very outset Andrew Neil said there would be no regular news bulletins ever hour or so, but I still think this is a big mistake. Even if it was only one five minute slot every three hours, I really do think it would be great to be able to turn on GB News for the news headlines when I don't really have time to sit and listen to their regular programmes.

    But on the whole, I think I'll give it 12/10!

  9. Way to go and what a breath of fresh air GB news is; a beacon in the grey sea of insipid liberal left news media censorship, propaganda and manipulation misrepresented as ‘news’. Privatise Channel 4 and see that woke echo chamber disappear and we’re making progress.

  10. Having followed Andy Neil since he was editor of the Sunday Times back in the 80's,my biggest problem is why he stuck it out at the been for so long. GBNews should (& could ) have been launched 10 years ago.

  11. Only news I watch now is GB NEWS,absolutely love it,you can keep the virtue signalling bbc,C4,sky,all total lies and crap from start to finish,long may GB NEWS REIGN!!…????????????????

  12. GBNEWS is NOT a news service. It's a VIEWS service. It can't match the BBC when it comes to national and international coverage. Let's see how the newspapers react if GBNEWS starts taking away their advertising revenue. They'll be less keen on the channel then.