Andrew Yang Smeared by POLITICO In Transparent Hit Piece.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. As a conservative myself, yang is the only person who can save New York City. He actually has good, principled ideas and people love him. Also, love you jimmy ????

  2. Jimmy Dore: It is very simple. Yang is NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. DEMS will destroy him so that their own chosen one
    can ascend the throne. Tulsi is a prime victim of that mindset. So, is Bernie.

  3. It's shameful he had a relationship with people in the opposite political party maybe talk like adults and hash out differences instead of acting like children calling everybody domestic terrorist and Nazis and races you didn't say well how about that be an adult

  4. Oh all you have to do is see how they jumped all over Bernie Sanders when he said that he thought Castro did a good thing to give free education and healthcare to his people. Bernie never said that he backed Castro or thought he was a great guy, but it didn't stop the media to say that he was a Castro sympathizer. Well here we go again with Yang. Now they want to pull the Yin out of Yang.

  5. Biden gets to "reach across the aisle" to Republicans but Yang cant??…what? ? ANYWAY best of luck to Yang. He will be amazing. And good lordy lord to young Jimmy..fine as hell. Those blue eyes. ?

  6. This is not “liberal politics now, ” unfortunately we have mislabeled so much of the power structure & we continue to use the wrong phraseology. Let’s start using terms that reflect the current reality, it’s long past time. Democrat’s are authoritarian, Republicans are borderline fascist and there are no liberal politics in Washington.

  7. The ones that do "agree" with the m4a 100pct are the ones that are propped up by tyt and Jimmy and caught by then as well about lying to them about it. Its fucking sad and hilarious. Because while Bernie aoc and all the rest were shepherding the progressives, knowing that they themselves wouldn't fight and vote for m4a, knowing that they themselves plus republicans would never vote for it.
    Yet Yang proposed an alterior path for a private option version of m4a that would have a better chance of passing, somehow hes detestable even though so far he has proven to be realistical and honest upfront about m4a and its chances of passing so instead of lying to your face about it, and saying hes gunna "fight for it" he proposes a realistic option instead in wich companies would have to compete in order to survive alone desperate from extremely affordable, next to dirt cheap healthcare the govt would them have. Chose so private companies can continue they're practice without control of the govt. And as well private citizens cam have control over they're own health by having options all competing to have a better way of healthcare for a cheaper price. Wich is the main reason why m4a will never pass I'n the most realistic sense. And why Yangs propes concept is more likely to pass. To deny the more realistic option to the idealists m4a and shunning anyone who's being realistic, yet continue to believe anyone who comes along touting m4a will always lead to your own disappointment. I still bet if bernie or aoc where to be an option for president over Yang in 2024 jimmy door and others would still choose Bernie and aoc over Yang, even though Bernie and aoc have lied and betrayed them and will eventually go with either Yangs plan or keep things the same.
    Wich is why they all lie and shepherd you in the first place.
    Fucking pathetic.

  8. Aaron Mate is the best. Always open minded and courageous like Assange and Tulsi who he has backed. Open your minds : I am no fan of Yang but that does not stop me sympathizing with his situation. Same with Trump I do not like but it does not change the LIES and McCarthyism and pro war lies of the pro wars DNC Demo craps whose MSM are nothing but propaganda protecting the corrupt and censoring truths!

  9. UBI idea is good for all people, everyone. Jumping minimum wage will only benefit very few people but will increase inflation too fast that will throw many low level of middle class into poverty. Jumping minimum wage will dramatically increase homelessness. It has happened in Seattle after Seattle jumped minimum wage a few years ago. I went through myself. Yang is a Chinese American. Chinese tradition is for all people, everyone, never a small group of people. Chinese never divide. It's why they don't like Chinese. American politics depend on division.

  10. omg Rogan didn't endorse Bernie Sanders – watch what he said in context.

    And where did Rogan vote for Bernie Sanders?

  11. Yang got me into politics… The MATH pitch made me feel responsible to do my own research. I was able to grow from my misled ideas about how the world / people function, and tackle it from a game theoretic point of view.
    Genuinely grateful for the dominos that mans knocked down. Thanks for giving him positive coverage Jimmy

  12. The single party single viewpoint to the DNC oficaldom goes back to when there was a single party in the US 1800-1860 when only democrats and anti-Jacksonian democrats (whig) ran slavery and a single party police state. The political power stucture demands monopoly of view point and single mindedness of speech and publication. Any non-democrat either progressive or republican are attack because they dare to think out side santioned viewpoint. The DNC was run by slave master then and now.

  13. The Democrats act like Adult Children of Alcoholics. Punish the messenger. Let's assume the Al-anon salute. 1, 2, 3 and SWOON (pretend to pass out and fall on the floor).

  14. Ask Whitney Webb about Andrew Yang, Jimmy. I used to like him too but she'll explain it in a way that'll make you understand why a guy like him is allowed to exist

  15. Note to Progressives: A Georgia judge has just given the green light for an audit of 30k suspicious absentee ballots in Fulton County. If tossed out for being fraudulent, David Purdue wins the Senate seat and the Senate goes back to GOP control. Georgia would also flip to Trump, possibly setting off a chain reaction in the other swing states where the counting also mysteriously stopped at 4 am. It ain't over, folks.

  16. just saw a comertial with Elisabeth Warren on your channel,,anouther clever way YouTube is manufacturing consent with neolibrals to stear then away from Jimmys show…