Andrews’ secret deal part of China’s strategy to operate ‘without federal oversight’

Former defence head of China analysis Paul Monk says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ secret deal with China was part of the Chinese government’s strategy to operate in Australia “without federal oversight”.

On Monday, the Victorian parliament forced the Andrews government to release the document detailing promises made with China, which had been kept secret for four years.

“What concerns me in the first instance is the secrecy,” Mr Monk told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“What concerns me in the second instance is that the deal is with a strategic player on an altogether different scale to Victoria, and Daniel Andrews appears to have walked into water over his head.”


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  3. The man is deluded and dangerous. Does he think standing in the square in Beijing on his phone makes him look powerful, sophisticated and worldly?. He looks like a very silly and guilty child. Go straight to jail Andrews.

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  5. how can we be sure that our slippery 'leader' was not also in on the deal somehow?? slimy slimy slimy!! then with a smooth bitta b/s he will just be allowed to weasel outta this,, while the cops are beating up and pepper spraying old ladys, as a distraction, which the controlled media will mostly also be a part of.

  6. How many THOUSANDS of Andrews all over the democratic world have made the same HIDDEN deals with CHINA’s CCP.
    Dirty money can buy lots of DIRTY traitors.

  7. We have nothing but spineless feckless treasonous leaders. No strength. No pride. No idea what's happening. China is trying to buy it's way to world domination. If you do business with them it's only bcuz they will win

  8. Mr Andrews is of course using rubber bullets against the people of Victoria,I am sure Daniel was thinking he would be the supreme dictator of the China road and belt initiative.Has no brain this man !!!

  9. Andrews will go to extreme measures to support and grow the communist party of China. To hell with Australian security, just as long as the Chinese communists grow stronger and spread further.

    Andrews should be jailed for life as a traitor of the people of Victoria and Australia.

    When are the masses going to wake up to this tyrant? Remove him from any form of authority before it's too late.