Andy Cuomo the Dumbest Orangutan in the Concrete Jungle

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  1. The WORST THING …the absolutely WORST THING is that mostly all of these incredibly stupid morons will get REELECTED, then the whole god damn universe will focus on that and go "Whaaat"?

  2. I believe the reason why the USA is being attacked is because it's a Christian Protestant country. This is the secret why our country is being invaded. I highly recommend people watch this video on secret societies, God bless!

  3. No, Warren Wilhelm is the dumbest twat on the planet. Cuomo helped KILL thousands of elderly people in NY state, along with Murphy, Wolf, Whitmer and Newsome-DEMOCRAPS ALL.

  4. YEOP!!! Laugh Weep time here is Hamburger helper!!! And come on Styx, If the Cuomo children are a High IQ lot, BE Afraid, Be very afraid!!! Shiiiite, The Cuomo kids back in the 60's 70's Were fed {Paint Cookie Chips Crisp Cereal} High in Lead, Mercury, Sugar, & ah Pack o Camel Joes in every box!!!XD

  5. Don't forget the Level 3 sex offenders he let out in Monroe County. Don't let Satanic pedophiles run the planet, they said. It'll all work out fine, they said.

  6. A bunch of tattle tells if you ask me. Yep these people are real winner’s I mean whiners. Cuomo looking to kill off the elderly to lighten the Social security load, he not stupid just evil. Am I mistaken or did Mr. 666 just say bless you…

  7. He’s a piece of shit a waste of human flesh . No redeeming quality. A coward and a liar . Basically a Nazi. Let me know if I left anything out .i far prefer ? to Cuomo.

  8. There should be an IQ requirement in order to vote and to run for office… if there was, then nearly half of the voting population, mainly Leftists, would be ineligible to vote… and ineligible to run for public office… Cuomo and Newsom would not even qualify as dog catcher!

  9. Anyone ELSE wanna make stencils and go out to spray down encouraging graffiti messages?
    "Socially Gather"
    "Don't Lock Down Love"
    "Sanitize Insanity"

  10. 2020 is just the smartest year ever, in stiff competition with the ones in which we had a child crusade and a Tulip Bubble. What worries me is what comes next. If this is our current level of stupidity, there is no upper limit. It could be literally anything, including rebuilding New York into a giant pyramid and having mass human sacrifices on top of it. Clearly we'll buy absolutely anything now, so why not?

  11. Our governor here in New York, Mein Fuhrer Andy Cuomo, killed THOUSANDS of New York residents for political reasons so he has no footing to virtue signal and act like he "cares" about the lives of us people here in New York!!! And exactly like his hero and mentor Adolf Hitler Cuomo doesn't think anything he does is extreme or destructive to the world in any way. It's well past time for Mein Fuhrer Cuomo to die in a bunker somewhere like his granddad Adolf did in 1945.

  12. I love the fact that the heat is growing mightily under Cuomo's ass for his nursing home murder, yes I said it, debacle. Bring the heat Scalise.. The Cuomo POS needs to fry. DC/Lex Gnosticos

  13. Oh, and by the way, Cuomo has no immunity for his actions, as said actions were in direct contravention of all guidance, and constituted at the least reckless endangerment given said directives. Let the suits for wrongful death commence. You have to bring charges against him personally, not as the govt. representative. DC/Lex Gnosticos Fry his ass.

  14. I grew up in Albany, but I was fortunate to move out before this abysmal clown took office. He is responsible for the nursing home deaths and letting the pedophiles out of jail. I think he has dementia.