Andy Meddick ABUSES parliamentary privilege to call me a ‘Neo-Nazi’

Where is the outrage when a Jewish reporter is called a Nazi in Victorian Parliament? The silence is deafening. Full story: SHOP:



Rebel News:

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Written by Avi Yemini

Proud Ozraeli


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  1. You're young Avi, but you have already done a life times worth of investigative reporting in these last two years alone. You are a force for truth & justice and you wear it with grace, humility & a timely touch of comic relief. Thankyou. God bless you. Stay strong.

  2. Avi you are far a better man than the guy who does not know his history stay strong and keep up the good work , Avi and Cossack ARE DOING A GREAT JOB FOR EVERY AUSTRALIAN GB CITIZEN

  3. Avi you’re a legend . Keep on doing your wonderful job. These awful people are payed by Dan to act in the same way as he does with all victorians. He called us all Nazi and antivaxes and conspiracy theorists .

  4. My Opa left Germany 🇩🇪 at 15, his dad was shot in Berlin and his mother and brother killed in a auschwitz concentration camp.
    He served in the Australian army in WW2 and became a very wealth model citizen.

    I find it disgusting that a government member in Australian parliament can label a Jewish man that has broken no law a Nazi.
    Criminal, he should be investigated and stood down!

  5. Andy Me,-DICK
    …The FILTH that bombarded craig cole's brave walk from Williamstown to touquay, calling HIM, as undesirable, when all he was doing was highlighting to the public, the 28 protected VIP pedos by the government..???
    Y'all know what that screams….DONT YOU..???

  6. Ah its the same here in ireland they labelled irish heros fighting for truth and freedoms against the nazi government as bigoots racists full of hate and have now got the NSU the stazi branch of the corrupt gardai tasked with hurting our freedom fighting normal irish citizens.

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