Angry Doctors | Mad That They got COVID19 & Cursing the World | It’s Poor Form

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. It's the cognitive dissonance (vaccination doesn't prevent catching or spreading the illness, medical professionals have always been at highest risk for obvious reasons), it's the ignoring blatant facts for me (the current strain has little to no regard for vaccine induced immunity nor that from previous infection, the current covid is far less deadly than previous covid strains and contact your drug manufacturer if product didn't perform as promised 😀).

  2. Millions got Covid, so where could we have changed that? I really don’t see where except for the CIA did report it was almost certain Covid came from a lab. If we had not been doing that…

  3. Covid will never be over because you got hundred of millions ppl that ruin there immune system with a unproven jab…don't get upset that your immune system is shit and can't fight off nothing…I laugh at these idiots.

  4. The thing to understand here is the word powerlessness. Some physicians and patients who feel powerless rely on signaling to pretend this is not so. And that is the whole of their shabby little philosophy.

  5. These twitter doctor’s seem unhinged… it’s obvious that fully jabbed people can be super spreaders, and unjabbed people can be asymptomatic non-spreaders… some masks work and others don’t…you just cannot point fingers anymore, getting sick is part of life

  6. Agreed 100% with your advice. Zero physician help other than vaccination (Zero treatment otherwise). If there was a demand for an end, issue everyone a high quality half mask (not n95, but p100 or better) other than experimental vaccines.

  7. It is shocking how the pandemic has affected the minds of people this way but for medical professionals to talk like that when they should know better than the average person is just unbelievable to see.

  8. Vinay Prasad, the place to be for people waking up to corrupt government & pharma but who are not yet aware that the foundation for the virus theory is rotten to the core. What they call a limited hangout, someone who is (put) here to help the divide by highlighting part of the problem, not shining light on the whole problem. Is he unaware? Maybe.. I don't think so, though.

  9. Saw an article today in Australia (ABC) featuring a doctor who was talking about how important it is to vaccinate children as they are the ones who are spreading it. It even used the old: "better to get an unpleasant needle or 2 than kill your grandmother" or something to that effect. How any doctor could believe that still, today, after seeing the whole world get infected, regardless of how many needles they've had, is beyond me.

  10. Ok forgive me but this is funny, wasn’t this f f f doc vaccinated? I so agreed with you on this individuals behavior..
    So he did everything and chose to lash out at those who didn’t- maybe they’ve already had Covid – natural immunity.
    Glad he’s not my doctor. So sad.

  11. Spot on again, lack of scientific rigor leads to false beliefs and hatred of those who don’t believe what you do. Sad from fellow physicians!

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