Angry Rant: Youtube BANNING Leafy Is A HUGE Deal (Crowder Announcement)

I have said this time and again. Leafy isn’t my cup of tea but the fact Youtube has ignored their own systems of punishment to just outright ban him is a DANGEROUS thing.

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. I Don't Care If You Hated Leafy's Content Or Not. This Is A MAJOR Issue When Youtube IGNORES Their Own Punitive/Corrective System Of Guideline Strikes & Simply Publicly Execute A Creator. Please Make Sure You Leave A Like & Comment On This Video & Click That Share Button Too! We Must Fight Back!

  2. Well you are on a private dictatorship. Communally owned property or services are bad. If you are of no service to place advertising, you will be removed.
    Welcome to the Hermetic World Order. The corporate world domination. And remember, speak our tongue or we rip it out. Have a nice day. )O+->

  3. I'm just realizing that this is similar to the Mumkey Jones situation, just with out strikes and mumkey didn't do anything other than jokes.

  4. I am a hard core conservative and gun owner and i watch you ALOT and just noticed you got involved with Crowder . I know I have absolutely no place to tell you anything. But please don't get involved with Crowder. All I can say is he is way over the top and he will not be good for your brand. I have chose not to watch him a while ago. Crowder is on the extreme side of what ever subject he is talking about. Your to good for him and in my opinion, Everyone should avoid him. Just saying

  5. And i will not be watching any of your videos with content with Crowder. I will when you start making fun of him. Im sorry I don't like him that much. He is a jerk

  6. Silly Jeremy, Leafy has more than 2 channels…… some know of his other 2 Bc they are Obvious… but only the few know of hidden 1's!!!
    On the Subject of Leafy s Banning.. I will say I am 100% Against Google/Susan/You Tube… Banning Leafy BC it sets a Bad Agenda on Google – Susan – You Tube of Censorship…. In such as we are seeing too much of it now on Twitter as it is !!! I think it might be time for a lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court On the grounds of Free Speech is being continually eroded by these Corporations!! Cow}:-o)

  7. Is YouTube a private company? Can a private company do what it wants so long as they aren’t breaking the law? Ok, we are done here.