Anita Sarkeesian’s RETURN: Tropes Vs Women 10 Years On…

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Lauren Chen is a political and social commentator. She was born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, and came to the US for university. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.

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Written by Lauren Chen


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  1. i am a woman…absolutely love videogames…hate this woman tho…classic video games were some of the best fricking games i ever played…those are what got me into gaming in the 1st place…love going back and playing them…bever even thought about women and their roles in them…they are characters not genders…wtf😑

  2. It honestly really sucks. As game developer I was really excited to finally attend GDC as I learned so much from talks from that conference from years ago. But unfortunately it's really gone down hill. I really wish I was born earlier 😭.

  3. Anita did win. The once-fun and exciting video games industry has been sucked dry and is now a barren wasteland of dull shittery – all thanks to her influence.

  4. Just find it funny how over 50 percent of men experience male patern baldness but because jadas a woman she's stunning or brave and "suffers" from baldness when men get clowned on for being bald all the time

  5. I got lots from her, I learned to instantely block gobby perpetual victim women and letters people on the internet, and concentrate on indie games instead of preachy main stream crap.

  6. Is she why games ask my pronouns now and have stupid little comments about how they were made by a diverse group of people? I never have heard of her before thanks for bringing this up.

  7. Honestly, I don't see this as a win for her. Many of the game-related companies she managed to infest are little more than shambling corpses today- still raking in money (for however long that lasts) but pariah to the community at large.

    Meanwhile, developers who remain politically neutral- or are at least more interested in delivering a compelling game than a preachy sermon- are roundly praised and supported by gamers themselves despite the efforts of progressive activists, developers, and so-called journalists alike.

    Anita courted the love and loyalty of corporate overlords- bureaucrats, project managers, and CEOs- but forgot that these are men and women more loyal to the dime than any true principal. How long until they become dissatisfied with their level of success? How long until their shortcoming cause their tenuous card towers to topple? How long until their rivals, with no such supposedly ethical cares, spot the weakness and prey upon it.

    It is said by the people of the Bedouin that, "as the camel falls, the knives multiply." Anita may have won the battle- that I'll freely grant- but the war is far from over, and all the camels she hung her hopes on have since developed a profound limp.

  8. "Peabody Award? Like P word Body award? Are you commenting on my body? SEXISM" -Anita when she was informed that she was getting a Peabody, probably

  9. Wrongo games didnt change. Because I play Japanese games and they haven't changed lol. The west never made games that could beat Zelda or Metroid or Mario. So no she just changed generic bland western games.

  10. in 2010 she said she hated video games and she had to do a lot of research on video games to do her lecture than in 2018 she said that she loved video games and has played them all her life shes a liar and a fraud

  11. Women will play the weaker sex needing rescue game with no second thoughts whenever it fits their interest. But oh gosh, just having this thought makes me a horrible sexist 🙊… Bad, bad me!

  12. Quick everyone stop talking about her she can't come back if we forget

    Lol we need the Freddy cougar meme here where everyone forgot him and he has to use jason to come back lol

  13. Corpowoke cultist perspective: WE WON :^D
    Average IQ perspective: …the steer of a sinking ship that you just piloted into an iceberg :^)
    Remember: tyrants hate gamers, because games are an active form of media – they train people in being active decision makers rather than just sitting there and absorbing whatever is on the screen – they're fundamentally incompatible with corporate overlords' vision of a passive media consumer. That's why games were always demonized, even back in the day when "right wing" was dominating the culture.
    Also it's quite telling that the biggest successes in my gaming niche (MMORPGs) were the classic/oldschool versions of games, back from the good old times when corpowoke cult didn't exist lol. And even though we'll never come back to these days – entropy never reverses – we can certainly bring forth their glory in a new incarnation.
    Armed with this knowledge, as well as with the experience of dealing with the corporate trash cultists who so willingly advertise their dogmatism, it will be rather simple to guide our future to a place immune from the mental infection of wokeness ^_^
    ~Best of Wishes from Poland <3

  14. I think its ironic that now more Americans are turning to games, movies, shows, music, comics/manga from countries like Japan and South Korea to escape the wokenes that Anita help create, but we're still white supremacist for preferring what they're making over what she's making.

  15. Anita won nothing. Tell me how it effected things like Red Dead 2, Elden Ring, Breath of the Wild or any of the hundreds of fantastic games that could not give a rat's behind about Anita's Grift.

  16. I think i might have heard the name of that award before but i didn't pay it any attention, and i guess that doesn't matter anymore since giving it to someone like her it's worth now is that of the material is made out of, just like the oscars and nobel prize for peace.

  17. 9:05You are right. The progressives and wokescum did win the battle of subverting the entertainment industry and escapism industry. That being said, how long is this going to last? American comics have decreased in sales since they became tainted with wokeness and manga has filled the void. Western games are tainted with wokeness but Japanese studios are supplying an alternative product that makes money and fans love. hollywood is facing emerging competition from DailyWire and audiences are losing more interest in woke media. Mianstream news has been dying on the vine, especially since the advent of wokeness. Corporate America is also experiencing growing pushback against the woke. Sure, they have won the battle but the backlash is still coming and it will be long-term.

  18. She was one of the original grifters in this latest round of culture wars. How much money did she receive for those poorly put together videos? And werent there some videos that never made it though were promised?

  19. I don't really play new games anymore because of the changes in the industry. Of the games that came out since 2020, the only non-live-service ones I played were Cyberpunk 2077, Psychonauts 2, and Triangle Strategy (and I only played a couple live-service ones like Fall Guys and one weekend of Knockout City). Cyberpunk was horribly unfinished, Psychonauts wasn't as good as the original, seemed woke to me, and crashed a few times, and Triangle Strategy was a great Japanese game with a bit too much dialogue. The stuff I've enjoyed over the last few years, aside from Triangle Strategy, has been GBA Fire Emblems and Shadows of Valentia, Nier: Automata, Valkyria Chronicles, Transformers Devastation, Katamari Damacy, and A Plague Tale: Innocence. Only one of them is from a western developer.

  20. Does Anita not realize the lady she defended, Zoe Quinn, wound up driving her boyfriend to suicide. Just like gamers tried saying she would? Or the bit where Zoe Quinn’s “amazing” pc game never released?

    Probably for the best about the game though, since it was a slap in the face to actual depression/anxiety sufferers no matter what the gender.

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