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  1. Jackson, your analysis and articulation are very accurate and to the point. Wait and Watch Russian response to this dangerous shelling of ZNPP…there are 2 active NPP near Lviv and Kiev…near all these western command Centres….some accidents might happen there…may be Belarus will be affected, but Poland and all command Centre will flee if it happens @ RIVNE NPP & KHMELNYTSKYI NPP….

  2. Attacking a nuclear facility and its supporting units such as the hydroelectric power stations automatically turns the attackers and their supporting nations to be nuclear terrorists. Time to wake up and take punitive action before the whole of Europe is condemned and contaminated with lethal radiation.

  3. It is quite the situation: the plant staffed by Ukrainians but under Russian control. They may not be happy about redirecting the energy to Russia. It is not the best idea to force people who operate dangerous things at gunpoint. Also the shelling may kill or wound these folks and I don't believe nuclear engineers and technicians are in oversupply. Anyway, whoever does the shelling is a proper idiot as the potential fallout would be catastrophic to both Ukraine and Russia, plus large parts of Europe. Edit: this situation is also playing to the hands of the Anti-nuclear lobby.

  4. if most of the Ukrainian east which Russia now controls is powered by the Zaporizhzhia plant then it makes sense that Ukraine would shell it, posing an imminent nuclear threat. If Russia could be goaded into a nuclear military response then western forces would have carte blanche to follow suit. Has the CIA written all over it. Tried and true Israeli trick, always raise the ante, escalate the violence, the devil may care the consequences. Rather than the media hysteria about nuclear disaster at a nuclear power plant how about open discussion of the current vogue of a 'winnable' nuclear conflict among western deep state types?

  5. It is either too soft hearted or simply badly organized as far as th war on Ukraine is executed by Russian forces. To make a decisive massive air+missile+armour+artillery+rocket+special operation assault on a few key Ukraine strategic targets are well within the means of the Russians. So, Russia is very reluctant to annilate the Ukraine forces, and is hoping for an end wuth less killing and destruction.

  6. Jackson wtf😁 Water used to cool the nuclear power plant is in the "closed loop" 🤦‍♂️ Water in the lake is only used to cool down the water in the loop🤦‍♂️They are separated.. (Water being heated up by nuclear fission to 300° C at 150Atmosoheres goes to turbine and from there it goes to condenser witch is cooled by separated loop) I dont think we would be very healthy if water would be contaminated by all of nuclear power plant on 24/7basis😁 Anyway, I LOVE YOU🙏❤ and your lack of knowledge how nuclear power plant works is excused👍🇷🇺Z

  7. there is a reactor south of Miami that has fish flopping on the ground around it even from moderate storms. Starts an argument about weather.

  8. After hearing that Russia has proof and UN wants to see.. Elensky said on a video recording yesterday “as long as Russian troops are stationed and are firing from the NPP, we will continue to strike the NPP.” 🤦‍♂️they called Russians “terrorists” for the past week for allegedly firing at the itself . Caught in their own lies “As if we didn’t know already ” I’m just glad if there’ll ever be a disaster, fingers will be pointed to the obvious direction.

  9. People do not get it. Russias' plan is not only to control Donbass. From the very beginning, Russia took over about 90% of ALL power supply in Ukraine. This means, Russia wants to determine Ukraine's fate in the coming winter by depriving it from what it needs to keep them alive through winter.

  10. Great – another dipshit expert who supports russia.
    FYI if you are locating armed forces on the territory of nuclear power plant, you're already violating the international law and nuclear safety. Why is the fuck orks entered this plant in the first place anyway? As for the shelling its controlled territory – russia has a habit of doing that…
    So I really wish you to experience the "russian peace" at your home, and just go in the direction of russian warship

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