ANONYMOUS TIP Sparked Mar-a-Lago Raid, FBI Tried & FAILED To Keep Search Under Wraps: Report

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react to Newsweek reporting saying that the Mar-a-Lago raid was based on information from an FBI source.

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  1. We might already be in a civil war, it's not going to be two standing army's meetings in a field. It's going cyborg, Weaponizing government agencies like I don't know maybe the FBI, Governors defying orders and laws issued by presidents of opposing parties, the DOJ and other government bodies not respecting judgments from SCOTUS and other courts, parallel media, entertainment, business, social media that only caterer to half of country. Stop thinking muskets and look around, do you still think the thought of a civil war is absurd?

  2. Any chance the leaker is Trump? This is a great way to ramp up his presidential run and get his supporters wound up. I wouldn't be surprised. He had plenty of time to make sure they wouldn't' find anything and there were probably cameras everywhere watching the FBI the entire time.

  3. Unelected unaccountable.. this is what people mean when they say the deep state. There's a whole list of horrible things these institutions have done not only to US citizens but around the world.

  4. George W Bush committed war crimes and FBI never raided his home! Pelosi commit's insider trading and her home don't get raided? Its obvious they are trying stop Trump from running! SMH/ This station starting to steer to left feud!

  5. For 6 years the Democratically controlled congress, the DOJ and the FBI have been taking actions against Republicans based on anonymous tips and sources that ultimately didn’t exist or were manufactured by the Democrats or their sub contractors. In this context, the Mar Lago raid looks like systemic abuse to any objective analysis.

  6. The intelligence community, which has six ways from Sunday of getting revenge on political enemies, is composed of the highest quality people with the utmost integrity who will leak damaging info about you anytime they like to influence media coverage in a way of their choosing.

  7. This is PROOF that the federal government is completely broken, they no longer serve the interests of the people. They are CLAN of self-adsorbed criminals who are using us for personal enrichment and the socialist control of our lives… NOVEMBER is D-Day… it is now time to act or time to leave, my stuff is packed, and exit destination secured.

  8. Americans talking about political persecution by fbi while they still have the longest serving political prisoner in locked up. Leonard Pelletier falsely accused of killing FBI agents.

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