Another 1,000 Grooming Victims

Douglas Murray’s The War on the West

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  1. The reason this crap is tolerated is visible in hindsight from the wars in Afghanistan (yes even in the 70s). Where do you think the fighters were being organized trained equipped and deployed from? See for example the desire of the idiot elite in both the US and UK to get Iran's MD nationalized oil assets back under the control of Western companies…. that's not happening… every move they make ends in disaster. Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan 1.0, Afghanistan 2.0, Somalia, Egypt, Lebanon… all those jihadis need a place to organize, operate illicit businesses, and launder the proceeds to fund their covert paramilitary operations on behalf of, corrupt, ungovernable, unaccountable, and effectively rogue cartel members infesting law enforcement and the nexus of criminal, corporate, and political power thinly veiled by the figleaf of "intelligence" and "clandestine" operations (the world is aware of this the only people it's hidden from are those who could theoretically vote to put a stop to it). Northern UK is the perfect out of the way backwater for this nonce-sence (organized crime that's tolerated is nearly ALWAYS officially sanctioned by CIA/MI6). The fact that the north is primarily inhabited by inconveniently populist, deplorable, expendable, and above all "working class" peasants eager to vote against their own self interest for the better part of 50 years makes the choice that much more appealing for your average malthusian aristocrat bent on reliving their glory days on the road to Wiggin Pier.

  2. They’re trying to prevent race wars n shit and yet this is how you start them. Someone will eventually decide that there needs to be consequences for these actions to the perpetrators and their communities that allowed it to persist and it will likely result in extreme measures being taken.

  3. There is only one thing that is moral to do in this situation, and that is a re-enactment of that scene from the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, for the perpetrators as well as all those who chose to ignore this. I frankly don't understand how there haven't been any dead groomers, police or poiticians at the hands of furious fathers so far.

    It's time to Let the Bodies Hit The Floor.

  4. This is why they got rid of hanging, so they couldn't legally be put to death for their crimes against the people. Also why do we think there is Indian takeaways in every town/village in the country? They are all criminal fronts for Asian families. Also the police were protecting powerful Asian families allied to the power criminal class families in the local area, they were protecting the powerful. They all need to be rooted out and hanged, have their lands and wealth taken from them. In reality in Britain we need to hang at least 250,000 people to get rid of the criminally and corruption within the state at all levels. GSTK.

    The shite about it being political correctness or fear of racism is a cover.

  5. The most disgusting thing about this is that the British police would rather be complicit in rape than tell the truth (or even simply just do their job). Every single one of them should feel ashamed to even put on that uniform and their family should tell them what absolute failures they are.

  6. Inclusion and tolerance are not virtues they are clear signs of a dying civilization. Exclusion of those who are unfit to be in our countries and civilization is a good thing and the real virtue just as intolerance of practices our countries and civilization find bad is a virtue. Forced diversity, inclusion, and tolerance are diseases

  7. Police officers committed crimes here: they did not follow up reports of serious crimes. They aided and abetted a crime. They should be rounded up and tried and imprisoned if found guilty

  8. Just remember kids… the Tories and Labour gave the Police default access to everyone's digital life, phone and GPS data without justification or oversight in 2016. Remember that when your daughter walks out the door with a phone in her pocket.

  9. Regardless of whether if you are a staunch secularist or have strong religious foundations, one thing is absolutely clear: a society that can not — or will not — protect its offspring is utterly doomed to extinction.

  10. In Cologne on New years ever 15/16 there was about a thousand sexual assaults, including rape. I did the numbers: if that behavior was evenly distributed to the 96.5 % of non-Muslims there would have been approximately 25.000 sexual assaults that night.

    This group is so far outside the norm of humanity it's unbelievable…

  11. "These girls really need to Shut Up for the Sake of diversity" – LABOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT.
    That political Party still, more than likely, holds that viewpoint!!

  12. Irony….. British Government so afraid of dealing with the problem they are fostering resentment and hatred towards the group they want to protect.

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