Another Brutal Murder and Arrest This Week Tied to the Clinton Foundation
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Ephesians 6

Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. Surgical precision? Actually does NOT sound like yet another Clintonian hit. Clinton hits are always sloppy as hell. Maybe the Clintons contracted out?

  2. The corruption that has gone on since Ronald Reagan started slow but the Clintons are not the end of the snake. It all goes back to George Herbert and the CIA. Love Judicial Watch.

  3. REMEMBER THE GIRLS KIDNAPPED FROM SCHOOL HAVE BEEN 'MISSING' FOR 20 years! wAS THAT BLDG/ny ANY CONNECT TOTHE WOMAN FOUND IN THE TRASH CHUTE?I hav noproof- but the Haitii disaster/Clinton$grab- had some roots?in Bokoharum- Obarrys, brothers, fake African foundation was also some part of? BEFORE THEY WERE GIVEN A 3YEAR ~retroactive~tax exemption?ANY THING?BEING INVESTIGATED out of chicago HAS danger/obarry ALL OVER IT?MK-Ultra is doing a lot of mop-up work?

  4. This has got to be in the Italian news, so I'll look for it to see what they say on this end. ENI has basically "owned" Nigeria for decades and it's not just a front for Italy, but for other powerful entities. I have a really good friend who's from Nigeria and he tells me stories about how bad off the general population is there.
    It really says something about how much I trust and respect Italian media that I'm getting my news about this from you, who I do trust, and you're across the Atlantic!!
    Thanks very much for posting this!! Ciao! ?

  5. I find it atrocious that noone ever talks about the other victims of Boko- the boys at the same schools who were beheaded or BURNED ALIVE. seems the girls got a much better deal, especially since in many of the early attacks on the schools the girls were let go and told to live a righteous life. I.e. renounce your sins and get married. Funny how when they were just BURNING boys alive noone cared (still dont). But, you kidnap a smaller (much) number of girls and the world freaks the hell out.

  6. Nigeria … I am an aspiring model but not working and trapped at the airport in Nigeria, after I donated most of my money to the C_F to help save the girls. If you can send me just $400, then I can fly to the US and love you forever!