Another builder on the brink of collapse #constructionapocalypse

#construction #recession #heisesays
The construction apocalypse continues as a Victorian construction company is on the brink of collapse.


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  1. Nobody should be surprised by this.
    Primary contractors are the biggest shark in the backyard swimming pool. Bankruptcy is built in to their business plan. Sorry, It is their business plan.
    But not to worry because most tradies diversify in to drug dealing.

  2. Liked this video as soon as you pointed out that we don't have capitalism. I wish more people read their econ and understood that, because pretty soon the problem is going to be presented to us as the solution… I can feel it coming a mile off.

    (And you're spot on about how they wouldn't be allowed to build a kit home. A few years ago I had some angry boomer tell me how spoiled my generation are because back in his day his parents built a home out of scrap timber they found and then over time built it up into a family home. I can't remember exactly what I said to him but it was something like "And I bet you'd be the first one to run crying to council about me lowering your land value.")

  3. Whenever government interferes with a genuine market they destroy it. Welcome to communism. With the framing up I would suggest to the owners just pay a roofer yourself to get the slab and frame covered especially with the southern winter.

  4. My dad in the construction game only accepts moms and dad clients never deal with corporations companies subsidiaries etc etc just work with clients mainly the public that can actually pay

  5. Hi Heise, can you do a story on a sunset close use to get me out of a contract of land in Manuka views development in Logan village please?
    The developer and his agent promised the land will be ready by July 2021 but then it's now October 2022. Understandably they are using the adverse climate conditions as an excuse but when it was good as well it was all excuses. I know lots of Sydney Siders bought in Qld will be hitting this issue soon. It will be a hot topic in the coming months.

  6. Heiser the Despiser.. Who are you kidding? Like, building companies are some kind of essential service.. and the model of business propriety? And only lefties are responsible for all the debt driven property and stock market speculation of the last 30 years.. not to mention the neo-colonial exploitation of the third world by corporations on behalf of their executives and shareholders in the name of globalization?

    That was actually enabled by local political elites from the extreme left to the extreme right.. plus a non-sustainable level of printing money out of thin air in the name of economic stimulus, whenever debt overloaded financial systems froze for one reason or another. And most of that stimulus ended up going to the rich, one way or another.

    Get real, man. It's greed stacked upon greed that's brought on the current economic crisis.. not some ideological whipping post that doesn't bear real scrutiny, and people like you keep trotting out as a target for your poorly understood resentment of the fact that the party is over..

  7. Snowdon hasn’t paid it’s trades for months – they have ran out of trades to do work

    Their sites are static and have been for months

    They’re already broke – they’re just trying to get money in and run

  8. I've built one house and almost finished my second. I would never buy a house and land package they are BS!! Both times I bought land and then went and found a builder I liked to build on my land.

  9. I went to display homes near sunbury. One company told me they could build a house for 330 000 which didn't include any land works. It was quite a large elaborate house. I told them stop lying. I went next door & the house was similiar. The next company told me they could build it for 440 000. I said thank you for not lying. They told me the industry plays games using low ball quotes get you in. A lot of this industry is low margin businesses where deception is rampant. You are much better buying an existing house

  10. Hise is a disaster! What do you expect in country that last generations was full of prisoners? This problem is everywhere from Insurance sectors, car dealers, and any other business here in Australia is just a shit!

  11. If you are struggling pay to finish the house off, just get the roof on, bricks up and to ‘lock up’ stage, to protect what has been competed. Then just save up to get the inside fitted out, or if you can get the absolute basics finished such as a toilet, shower, kitchen sink installed and move in. Get the cabinetry done progressively, paint yourself, eventually you will finish.

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