Another Clinton Aide Found Unalived


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  1. Government blocks files to prevent conspiracy theories. Yeah that's not how this works. Also why not just publish everything besides the photos? Allow sketches, files and information.

  2. Strange my comment from Yesterday is blocked. Can just see it when i'm logged in!
    Edit: apparently YouTube don't like ki-ll and sui(c)ide writing it this way fixed the problem comment is now visible.

  3. My guess, if this were indeed a staged act, which it wasn't, of course: He was a loose end, and it was supposed to look self inflicted, but by different means. However, he was expecting it, and put up some kind of resistance. Things didn't go according to plan, the person who did the job probably contacted his employer to explain the situation, and it was recomended to said contractor that they at least go ahead and follow through on the original plan in spite of the change of course (or else), and the… Sympathetic (this is Arkansas after all) investigators, whom probably already had drafts of their reports, weren't thrown for a loop. The family was likely "persuaded" to go along with the story, and we get the end product here… Or, the employer is just outright embracing the meme at this point, and this was a show of force… Again, I reiterate, that's if this was indeed a staged event, which it totally wasn't.

  4. In 1992, Heifer International appointed Jo Luck to its helm as CEO.[15] Jo Luck is a former member of Bill Clinton's Arkansas gubernatorial cabinet. Before serving as CEO and president, Luck was the director of international programs for Heifer International.[15] Heifer International's budget boomed to almost $100 million under Jo Luck's leadership.

    In 2008, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded Heifer International a $42.5 million grant to help poor rural farmers in East Africa double their incomes by increasing their production of high quality raw milk to sell to dairies. In 2012, the foundation followed up with an additional $8.2 million.[24][25][26]

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about the Count’s suicide… he was shot with a gun he never legally owned, but the only fingerprints on the weapon belong to his Nazi pug.

    When asked to comment or confess, the pug breathed heavily with no remorse, at which point we knew it was him.
    He was clearly upset for first being trained and then denounced…
    Since the Nazi pug was created and trained by him, police ruled this a suicide.

  6. He probably wouldn't commit suicide if they had stricter gun laws after doing the gymnastics that it took. I mean what are you going to do suicide in your car?🤣🤣🤣

  7. "Clinton Chronicles" written by Larry Nichols in the 90's Larry was Bill's body guard for a few years. Larry was the only close whistle blower to the Clinton's $atanic Jezabel ring, that stayed alive? What was Larry's secret to living and NOT committing a fake suicide? Jesus, he preached Jesus and the Lord told Larry, if you mention me you will stay alive, so Larry preaches "Jesus. "He is all you need, more than enough, all you can handle.

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