Another Conspiracy FACT

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  1. If you haven’t watched Dr. Walter Veith’s lectures entitled “Total Onslaught” by all means do so. He connects the dots better than anyone I’ve ever heard on this subject. The lectures are now all free to watch on YouTube. But a word of caution, watch them in order. If not it won’t make as much sense. Peace.

  2. The question about the wise man, the beggar, the king, and the fool is actually pretty profound whether you believe in God or not. But especially if you don't, it's an important lesson to keep in mind. If anything it seems counter to their attempts to all become kings. Perhaps it's the case that they've forgotten the wisdom of their original members and distorted the order in the same way that the US government which was founded by wisdom has been distorted into the absurdity that it is today.

  3. FAR more sinister than Skull and Bones are the incredibly numerous tentacles of influence in the government from former employees of Goldman Sachs !! They make Skull and Bones look like a pack of Cub Scouts.

  4. the sad thing is that they strive for something they cannot escape and dwell on things they cannot control yet they think hurting those less fortunate is power. I think believing in God is the ultimate understanding of purpose. they can make up all the clubs they want and hurt people but in that last moment you will face eternity. no matter your wealth. no matter who surrounds you. you will face your creator. enjoy what is good because evil is a dime a dozen.

  5. Yah… I am sure the nerds have these "secret societies". But it is all about trying to get laid, or, at the very least, avoid growing up…. One thing I dislike about my fellow Christian conservatives is that a lot of you are so caught up in mysticism that you are silly. For example, the "all seeing eye" is a representation of the omniscient presence… and you call that "God"…. Then there is the fear of "The Illuminati". Originally, the Bible had more mystical type stories in it, when "The Illuminati" did not want them taken out or changed, as they were by kings and the Catholic Church. Somehow, The Illuminati turned into a nerd group, and many Christians think it's some mystical movie with dark marble halls full of symbols of Satan… and stupid crap like that…. For the record, The Inquisition was worse than any of these groups.

  6. Very informative and well researched videos, Mr. Dice.

    Can’t wait to hear your serious monologue on the Biden regime’s Disinformation—Governance—Board Ministry of Truth.

  7. The moon lighting up the clouds in front of it proves the moon is local. It is supposedly 230000 miles away, it would light up the clouds uniformly, not one patch around its image.

    The biggest conspiracy is that this is a spiritual realm and demons who hate us and god have taken over.
    Flat earth truth is the most damage you can do to their web of lies.

  8. From the esoteric symbolism to the continuation of child trafficking this corrupt demonic government thinks that what they do in secret is unseen. Not anymore one day they will be at the end of sword to pay for the evil they have done.

  9. The difference between a conspiracy and a fact…about 6 months. President Trump said, "The people need to be shown." The Government will never be able to stop the Truth from getting out. there's to may ways of finding it. The Government is definitely trying with biden's new "Minister of Truth Dept." Sounds like Germany in the 1930's. Only reason the Government hasn't completely taken over is "The 2nd Amendment," and the Democrats have been after that forever. If you haven't joined yet, join the NRA. I hope some see this before YT deletes it…my comments always seem to disappear…"Hey YT, FK off and Die"

  10. So let me get this straight, each member of this secret society in particular all cut the neck of a women being held against her will?

    That's pretty neat.

    I personally wouldn't call for violence, however, I would like for someone to rid me of these priests.

  11. If you watch the movie, "ambulance" (recent release) keep your eyes out for the scene in which the the paramedic woman tries to slip out of the back door. There's some interesting graffiti in the alley as she's trying to run away. It's right after she sprays the robbers with the extinguisher.

  12. Summarizing what Mark just explained. You are recruited into this mafia by:
    How corrupted you are and can be, do you like to have sex with minors, are you a sexual deviant, you seeing killing people as "normal", LOve wars and human suffering, You have tons of blackmail to keep you in line.

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