Another Dose Of Anti Spruik!

Thanks to Cookie Boy, we look at more price cuts on listed property across the country.

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  1. I'm saying first so no one else can

    Martin things are getting worse, there is huge amounts of people sleeping in cars looking for driveways to park in.

    Parking in driveways FB group has 10k members.

    Have you noticed an uptick in homelessness in your data?

  2. Stuff it ok sure. Hey Martin, if you feel like checking out Dunsborough, Busselton and Bunbury at any stage, that pretty well much covers all of WA now, aside the southcoast like Albany and Esperance.

  3. Wake me up when house prices have fallen fifty percent , when interest rates are at twenty percent again and unemployment is at thirty percent , a real depression. It won't happen you say? Exactly , shit will continue with a few ups and downs and the doom and gloomers will spruik their book and the buy now spruikers will talk their book , that is how they make a buck. Hobart luxury homes are booming , booming. Yawn………

  4. Martin could you please have a look at these areas if possible please.

    WA: Sinagra, Goodwood, Warwick, Alkimos
    VIC: Blackbourne, Glenvavely, Boxhill areas.

    Love your constant best in Aus 😁👍

  5. Martin did you include in your data when people start popping off from the jab that there will be a surplus of buildings. LOL
    You might just want to keep that in mind. The demand might just go through full-cycle the other way.
    Just saying.

  6. Remember scott.morrison. in 2019.
    Don't expect it to be the same as was pre covid.
    You are all living in Lala land if you think things are going to return back to normal especially with all this financial Sabotage going on.

  7. Hey Martin. Excellent research & insights into the current status of the property market. Any chance of tapping into your comprehensive property analytical model re Homebush 2140 in Sydney's inner west? The reason for asking about this particular postcode is that my elder daughter is looking to buy a unit as a first home owner in the postcode. Thank you in advance for considering this postcode.

  8. If you can include correlation between the crime rate and mortgage stress trends in a suburb (if they pay for your service of course!), vendors can use that data to justify the value of their property accordingly.

  9. Given the type of pathetic price drops we've seen lately it's fair to say that only about 25 basis points of rate hikes have been priced into the market. As we all know prices rose 30% on the back of rate cuts from 0.75 down to 0.10, so we've now had hikes equivalent to almost triple this amount yet seen price drops of less than a third of what they rose when going from 0.75 to 0.10. It does not add up at all. Realistically, if there was no government interference and delusional insane vendors expecting top dollar still, we should have seen price drops of 30% already and another 20% on top of this once we hit a 3% cash rate. With rates this high and no concomitant price drops means the system is more rigged than even the biggest critics out there have suggested.

  10. I keep hearing we are in a housing bubble but there seems to be a few factors that don't indicate that. For example costs of new builds. Its my basic understanding a disparity between new build costs and established homes may represent a bubble but currently here in Canberra builds are costing 3k plus per m2. Add a 180m2 house build @ $540k to the average land price (say apprix 400k) and you are around $940k (plus some other costs). Currently in Canberra you can buy smart renovated 4 bedroom houses in many suburbs for this amount.

    Add in another factor like extremely low rental vacancy (this should also be high to indicate a bubble) and it seems you have some decent arguments for prices as they are?

    Given we are looking to buy a home and are on budget I would love it to be different – am I missing something ?

  11. Martin those Pilbara rental yields are correct. It's due to the very high weekly rents driven by the requirements of the iron ore sector at the moment. General shortage of accommodation for workers. Source: used to live there

  12. What happened to balanced view in journalism? Martin you’ve become very bias towards doom and gloom in the Australian property market as a whole. There is always 2 sides to tell yet you refuse address the second side. Are you falling into the trap of agenda like msm?

  13. Another indicator of how desperate rental affordability is take a look at how quickly property sits get taken up across all house sitting advertising platforms.
    Indications are the number of applicants for house sits has more than doubled in the last year.

  14. Honestly are you my next door neighbour, I complain about an area at the kitchen table, then the next day you do a video on it xD this has happened like 3 times now.

  15. Thank you very much Martin.
    I have heard that if there was no immigration in Australia, house and apartment prices wouldn't have gone up at all. Is this correct?
    Australia's birth rate (like Japan, Italy and many other countries as well) has dropped again from an average of 1.4 children per couple ..unsure what it is now but it's lower again. There are more deaths than births occurring in Australia. We have an aging population also, so less workers today paying for Medicare and centrelink etc and it's increasing. Australia has a large debt and the govt seems to be trying to inflate it away. This is hurting the poor the most.
    I now Glebe Sydney has gone down as for sale houses and flats no longer having showing for sale.
    I want them to drop and I own my place. Many young people can't afford homes now and homelessness has grown and will continue to I believe. This isn't good for included. Who wants to live in a gated community? Doesn't help law and order and society as a whole. We appear to be going more like America with the gap between rich n poor so large now. About 50 yrs ago the disparity in incomes in Australia was 10 times the average adult full time between a low income and a CEO or high income. NOT ANYMORE.
    I don't like the way the world is going. Although a lower birth rate is a good thing for rhe planet and other species.

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