ANOTHER Driver Arrested After Hitting BLM Leftists Protesting In Road In NY, Chaos Is Out Of Hand

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  1. I haul trailers all over dfw in an 26 year old truck. If your on the highway and you are around an obstruction….I’m sorry there’s no stopping this boat.

  2. This is just natural selection within a technologically advanced species, fuck em it's good some of these people wont be adding to the gene pool.

  3. 0:35 I blame em…those morons played stupid games by dancing in the dark on a high way and sadly won some stupid prizes. And I don't care what smear label the left wants to call it when people point such out….. stating facts is not a crime or a bad thing to do.

    19:50 Correction…the overly strict lockdowns were hard on those industries.

  4. Hey maube the protestors were screaming at the officera BECAUSE THEY LET THE GUY GO. If you know whatyou are soing you are disgusting Tim

  5. Yes they are leaving Cities in the UK and when you take away all the Arts and Hospitality due to the lock down, why would you bother staying?

  6. Getting run over is an occupational hazard of the JOB.
    These Soros paid protesters should make sure they get Health and Life Coverage in the contract.

  7. lol. Are there no more lawyers? I'm not one but I'm certain I could argue anyone of these drivers out of jail. It's simple. They were in a road, blocking traffic, and possibly being hostile. I'm running u over dumbass. Get outta the road.

  8. Governor Cuomo and de Blasio don't agree about taking a billion dollars from the NYPD. Cuomo says what's the point of doing that when you have no further plan of action. I don't how long it takes to have a recall petition to remove de Blasio because Cuomo already threatened to remove him. I wish he just would.

  9. They won't arrest peaceful protesters as they call them they don't care if their blocking roadways or attemadateing drivers until an actual!crime has been committed by the roadway protesters they won't arrest them even if they do block the road so even if they do protests they have the right away which means ya can't just go on the road and run over protesters they will hit you with felonys.