Another EPIC Moment – Melbourne Protest, 27th Nov 2021


27th November 2021

These protests are without a doubt, the most multicultural events i’ve ever seen.



Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. Onya Melburn, for making the fight for your lives a mega street party. Youz rock. However, the leaders don't care. So I ask for a statewide, nationwide, world wide strike. That no one works at all until the corrupt hierarchy is removed. ?

  2. Sorry protester beautiful effort but fruitless the bill we be pass today Andrews fund a new vote in his favour and due to this variant that come in the wrong time his got is wish

  3. 5 cases of the new variant which there are all in quarantine
    Bring huge panic to Aussie politicians as usually
    Due to they negligence for no ask before to traveller to be test prior arrive to Australia we have to pay the consequence with lockdown more vaccine and booster or no freedom

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