Another Facebook Insider Details Political Censorship; Current HR Exec ‘No One Has White Man’s Back’


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Project Veritas

James O’Keefe


Written by Project Veritas

Project Veritas was founded by James O'Keefe. The mission of Project Veritas is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.We will accomplish this by:Launching specific journalistic investigations and widely publicize the results.Conducting training workshops to teach others how to become modern-day muckrakers.Creating a method for the public to alert journalists of issues and institutions that need to be investigated.Project Veritas is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Project Veritas does not advocate specific resolutions to the issues that are raised through its investigations, nor do we encourage others to do so. Our goal is to inform the public of wrongdoing and allow the public to make judgments on the issues.


  1. Sou do Brasil e também conheço vários canais conservadores em diversas plataformas de comunicação que foram censurados e se sentiram forçados a abandonar aquela plataforma ou ainda criar outras alternativas para alimentar-las. Espero que esses absurdos expostos do projeto sejam investigados e os culpados punidos na base da lei e da justiça.

  2. Is lam is a cult and curse. Is lam allows sins like suicide bomber, paedophiliaa, 4 wives child marriage, lying , killing innocent infidels etc and are evil. Chyna and Shaaria cult are the greatest threat to USA

  3. I was censored a week after Sen. Diane Feinstein threatened social media websites like Facebook to crack down on people sharing "Potent Facts" by those she called, "Russian" on CSPAN. A week after I was blocked, over 800 Alternative News Media Websites were blocked. My direct ancestor is one of the reasons why we all have a U.S. 1st Amendment. Of course, while looking into conspiracies for 15 years, I never did mention who my ancestor's were. Want to know who my ancestor's were? A very huge part of the history of The United States they were.

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  5. Zucherpuke is a menace to American society. FacePLANT has caused more discord than the last 4 yak-yak sites where people can go to be all the asshole they ever dreamed of. I was a target of their algorithms and was "Shadow Banned" severely , when all I did was try to show people how stupid these people actually are. They want Ohms Law to be revoked.

  6. James I love your work and I have the utmost respect for you exposing this blatant bs that they deny in senate hearings, but I have to ask do you ever get disheartened knowing that they will just brush this under the rug because you don’t have the same exposure as Frank Sinatra’s kid? They can’t suicide him because he had such a large audience and they couldn’t protect their predators anymore, is their anything we can do to bring these degenerates to justice?

  7. I wonder if our constitutional Government has already been taken over and everything has been planned and put into execution long ago like 9/11 and still being played out, and we all have been deceived and our only heroes are our young men and women who died and crippled for a lie and Snowden who dared expose the truth and now lives in Russia and Julian Assange who William Barr Establishment puppet who is actively keeping him silent because they will never have him expose their treason and deceptions totally ignoring our Constitution Maybe I am wrong doesn't look like it the real deception 1,1,2021