Another Major Blow to Science, Trust, the FDA, and Peer-Review

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  1. Just remember the speed with which the FDA approved the Covid vaccines from Pfizer, and now the shit is hitting the fan with all the documents just release by court order, that Pfizer did NOT want released for 75 years, and turned out has HUGE holes in their testing and data.. Thank god that it did not hurt or kill most of us..

  2. You know what? Hearing this after all the other rubbish we have been told about our health professionals and facilities over the past 2 years just hammers home to me that you cannot trust any of them any more. I no longer consult doctors and would rather die at home than go to hospital. It just seems to get worse and worse the deeper you dig.

  3. Thank you for the exposure to these fraudulent papers. Weather you are 'left', 'right' or centrist Not helping the elderly – our parents, grandparents and us in the future is not good either emotionally or financially.

  4. Totally thought this was going to be about piping an rna virus into an egg and expecting efficacy in all of the countries you're trying to take over. Would be a most interesting talk though. Especially with WHO endorsement.

  5. I’ve been saying for a decade that “ peer reviewed “ is meaningless now. There are no morals left in science or medicine when one would sell their morals for a pittance. Sad. These monsters are now responsible for murder our children

  6. You don't need to have a science expert to guide you.
    Just look up the accuracy of nutrition labels regarding macronutruents and calories.
    Look up the FDA allowance that allows the label to claim zero or less than one, for such factors as carb and trans fat.

    That will show you how off base FDA is when it comes to health.

  7. Even Newton fudged the data. Mercury was not quite performing as the gravity equations said it should so he "corrected" the data. It took Einstein and general relativity to figure it out.

  8. Its one thing for Academic papers to publish back scratching falsehoods. It's another thing entirely for the government to approve drugs based on mutual back scratching falsehoods. Unless there is regulatory capture…

  9. I'm probably less concerned about where Karen Ashe was trained than where she was born. In a country which contains the Wuhan Bio Laboratory. YES! "
    Ashe's parents came to the United States from China to pursue PhDs; her father, C.C. Hsiao, taught aerospace engineering at the University of Minnesota,"

  10. Science has been hijacked… Many "scientists" are either pressured to publish results at the expense of authenticity & truth while others have an agenda whether ideological or political. It's a shame & has created doubt into the truthfulness of all scientific studies.

  11. It is 50/50 of a peer reviewed study actually being true at best. But NOBODY CARES! The powers that be make sure of that and any story related to it is buried deeper than the Titanic.

  12. 20 years ago I watched a PBS special on the catastrophic condition of "rising sea levels"… They had all the scientists demonstrating how just a slight increase in the oceans was going to cause catastrophic failure to all the worlds major port cities. London, Tokyo, New York, Sydney… And others were all at risk of suffering catastrophic damage…. The subway system of New York was going to be completely submerged other cities would have to build enormous barriers to the ocean 20 ft high to prevent swells from overtaking the city. AIrwas all very scientific and quite dramatic….Of course that's all been completely debunked now.

  13. The Wests Religion has failed. Science has no moral compass and demonstrated its predator like nature. The Ancient Greeks underpinned their Medical Science with the Hippocratic Oath. What has the Modern West underpinned their Medical Science with ?

  14. I tried to watch your videos on the tv , it would only play 5 minutes of your video. I tried watching this video on my phone and the whole video played. I had tried multiple times watching it on the tv. I guess this a new form of shadow banning.

  15. About 54 percent, or $3.3 billion, of FDA's budget is provided by federal budget authorization. The remaining 46 percent, or $2.8 billion, is paid for by industry user fees.

  16. I am appealing to as much action and as fast response by the all as can be implemented and roused against this new move of Trudeau's! It is a gross attack against the Canadian People, family, children, and is horrid and unexpectable, putrid and demonic! It must be stopped !!!!!

  17. "People?"
    The penny still hasn't dropped, Dr. Martenson?
    The CDC and all the headwaters of memes are heavily infested with Hubrids. I'll bet many humans at these organizations are scratching their heads, thinking "What the fuk was I thinking?"
    The truth is that their thoughts are not their own.
    It is very simply a planetary incursion from out in the void.
    How certain are you of your facts?
    Are you certain that you understand the intricacies of the politics out in the Void?

  18. All the institutions in Western society have been infiltrated and corrupted. We are fast becoming Banana Republics and even Third World. Decades ago, China and Russia jailed, exiled and even executed their corrupt officials and oligarchs, and took back their institutions; and just look at them go from strength to strength, raising citizens living standards. In contrast we failed to do so, and our economies and societies are collapsing. Here in Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard tried to do so a decade ago and was hounded out of office; in the UK Jeremy Corbyn tried to do so and was deliberately slandered and mocked into defeat; and in the USA Bernie Sanders gave us hope, then once attacked, capitulated like a beaten dog and campaigned for the same criminal politicians that he had supposedly opposed. Thanks Chris for your insightful and outspoken content. We need peaceful revolutions a la The Berlin Wall 1989.

  19. As long as the, "theory" of evolution', remains relevant and is pushed as thee only truth – vs the truths of creation – there can never ever be a, "trust the scy-ence".

    Scy-ence can literally be blamed for EVERY thing that is wrong with all not primitive societies.

    There IS an originator of the lie and it is scy-ence specifically that keeps his lies at their extreme levels of supremacy over present and future living human beings.

  20. Here in the UK science led by lawyers is endemic. Real science is being done far away from corporate universities and companies in garden sheds. The lies in bio-pharmaceuticals are just a joke and are not repeatable.

  21. I guess it's appropriate then that this new class of 'experts' is elevated to the new Priesthood of a new global religious ideology which penetrates all aspects of human life and society: 'Science' … full of frauds and corporate malfeasance.

  22. I'll tell you what I have always thought. I use to argue with my neighbor about it. I believe it came from Teflon pans because it arrived just a couple of years after we started using them.

  23. When you promote unqualified people to college, then promote them to jobs, then promote them to management, and then promote them to the top level position in the organization – and their organization interfaces with other organizations and government agencies – all of which have had the same promotion of unqualified people into positions of power – what could possibly go wrong?

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