ANOTHER Media Hoax Against Trump, They Claim He Lied About “Under God” Removal At The DNC, HE DIDNT

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  1. On one hand, this is a stupid hill to die on, says the atheist who knows the phrase "under God" was added less than a century ago.

    On the other, the Democrats chose to defend this hill, which is evidence of how stupid they are

  2. You want to know what's really funny? Some people think the media use to be honest trustworthy individuals with integrity. Like Connie Chung, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and on and on and on. They would never lie to the public to bush a political agenda.

  3. you were the one who was easily pleased by the Dems "saying the pledge" Tim. You were like "at least they did that" when in reality they bastardized the pledge. And you are supposed to care about this shit. Do you even wonder why they lie? They know people don't search out the truth, you didn't and you were making a fucking video about it. So don't act surprised. Your takes suck as per usual bc you don't recognize the motives of the Democrats, you think they are working for good or trying or something. Cmon man, get it together. They don't believe this shit, they are not incompetent, THEY ARE DISINGENUOUS. You keep on acting like they are stupid and not evil.

  4. Is there any way to sue these companies for false advertising then? They claim that they are fact checking websites yet obviously facts don’t matter and they’re trying to deceive people

  5. Im confused. how does someone plagiarize themself? Plagiarism by definition is basically stealing… but it is literally impossible to steal from yourself. can someone explain.

  6. I got banned from Twitter for pointing this out to every Democrat that posted the Snopes lie! It's OK though, I'm the Dalei Lama of Twitter and will be back with another account.

  7. under god was only added to the pledge in the first place as propaganda against atheist communist/socialist enemies of America. i don't personally think it belongs in the pledge due to America's freedom of religion, but its not surprising this would be a thing to complain about now.

  8. The words God and Trump can never be truly put together unless it is a case of God smiting trump.

    Stop trying to say that Trump is has any morality because the good book does not have a passage about caging and killing children.

  9. Congratulations boys here we got a trump supporting, gun owning journalist to argue that the dems removed god from the pledge. We did it boys! The red pill never fails

  10. Yeah, your argument is still BS. You and any other reasonable person would infer, based on Trump's tweet, that he is referring to the Dems as a whole. That's a very basic assertion, and that's the issue. Maybe he should have tweeted something more accurate, like "Muslim Democrats excluded these words as they contradict their faith, exercising their constitutional rights of freedom of speech AND religion! REMEMBER THIS ON NOV 3, FANS OF THE CONSTITUTION!!!"

  11. The only thing sadder than these low IQ media tactics are the low IQ morons that keep falling for said low IQ tactics They eat this crap up hook, line and sinker.

  12. It's really funny how people still claim these fact checkers aren't biased when they will literally fact check something as false… and then say what they said was false actually happened where they know people wont read it

  13. "The Democrats…" does make it sound like "All Democrats…", so maybe Trump should have said, "Some Democrats…". That way there would be no ambiguity.

  14. Difference between ?'s and Dems-
    -Republicans & Conservatives was that GOD was used in the forefront of nearly every important speech moment or while reciting the pledge of allegiance.

    – The Dems on the otherhand had two examples where they did not use the phase under God. And there DNC was used to attempt to spread guilt across to White America at every opportunity they had. When they weren't too busy just spreading negative accounts to why the hate President Trump. "Who could've seen that coming right?" What a clownfests by the people at the DNC.

  15. The left wing news media are liars. They have lied about Trumps response to the riots to make Biden look good. Trump has constantly denounced the riots and has been doing everything in his power to help. Biden and Harris have openly supported it and have even donated to the bails of rioters and encouraged others to do the same.

    Biden and the left wing media have now flipped because they have seen impacts in the polls, not because it is the right thing to do. They are gas lighting the public by saying Trump has not denounced the riots. The left wing media is lying to all of us for their own political gain. This should not be accepted by the people. Do not let the news media lie to us for their own benefit. Fight back against these liars. We deserve the truth.

  16. I could see interpreting "The Democrats did X at the convention" as all Democrats at the convention. But my primary reaction is "this??" There are many things to be concerned about — defunding police, sending ballots to "undocumented" immigrants. But reciting the original form of the Pledge of Allegiance (look it up) is not one of them.

  17. mostly false, but everything he said was true… Trump never said they omitted it completely. Its disgusting seeing how biased these supposed neutral fact checkers are. The word "mostly" seems to be a convenient tool for democrats to twist reality. Just like their "mostly peaceful protests".