Another mother reacts to Trolls 2 Toy

Another mother reacts to the Tolls 2 Toy by Hasbro. The doll is a toy bought and part of the Trolls World Tour merchandise skew.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


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  2. Let’s face it our kids don’t have a chance against these mega companies. They’re all pedo related. What were the people who put them together thinking? How could it get this far? On shelves? Facebook, Google and all of them are all pedo political. The problem is so big you’re never gonna fix it I fear. You even need cameras in the class room because the teachers are teaching your kids what they want them to know not what you think they are being taught. You don’t know what your kid is being taught!!!!

  3. I’ve been trying to tell people around me they’re coming for kids. That pedophilia is being normalized and pedo rings exist. Being saying it for years now and caught so much heat but let me tell you… these toys, blm/antifa, and covid have been the biggest redpills Lol they aren’t laughing anymore

  4. They think we are stupid. They tell us what to think and expect us to be their livestock. They didn’t count is us thinking for ourselves. Our Loving God wins! Peace and prosperity will be our future. WQGWGA

  5. Their not irresponsible they are child molesters!!! They probably on the flight logs for Epsteins and are in his little black book!!! Bunch of sickos who are trying to groom kids to be molested and raped!!!

  6. I just went to sign the petition. Immediately it said no one has signed it. Then once i hit sign petition. Immediately it then showed how many people have signed it. This is the second petition i signed that did the exact same thing on

  7. Thank you for sharing the vid of the mother’s reaction to the so-called toy. I share her disgust and am glad it was pulled from the stores. Parents really need to be extra vigilant these days!

  8. Y'all are missing the larger effect – they're coming in between the mothers/fathers and the kids by forcing them to choose loyalties. Between the parents or the world. A hard choice even if you're fortunate enough to have wonderful parents.

  9. Most people are controlled by there hormones and sex drive or lack therof. Men and womens brains and different races and genetics are all hard wired differently. What we need to teach about sexuality is responsibility for ourselves and for the greater community. Not just do what feels good at the moment. As a biological hetro sexual man who is attracted to women of child bearing age I can say that virgina roberts was sexy. That is normal what is not normal is using her as a sex toy.

  10. Oh FFS, some people have a dirty mind and are just looking for things to get outraged about. It's a bloody button on a doll so it activates when sat down. How can a child learn that someone pressing their button means funny noises when they DONT HAVE A DAMN BUTTON THERE? Gimme a freakin break! If it was shaped like genitals then yeah, that'd be cause for major concern, but as is? People need to bloody well grow up.


  12. Kamala said she would "remember" ppl who supported trump, and there would be "justice". Well- i'm no trump fan, but since i don't support her, betting i'm skru'd, too. She gives me the creeps. Js.

  13. Have they explained the purpose of the button and sounds? I like to hear them explain.
    Perhaps parents should go back to dwar with measuring cups, spoons ect…. that kids could play with.

  14. Their goal is to normalize. pe do ph il ia and they have been doing so slowly over decades. The toy is less surprising than all the parents who are desensitized to it.

  15. Hey Outer Light, I just wanted to thank you for your previous video exposing these pedophilic Satanic toy companies and how it connects to Elsagate. For a few years now, I've been speculating there's a possibility that these corporations targeting kids could be behind these Elsagate videos. I notice a lot of these Spiderman and Elsa videos once in while use product placements involving children's toys.

  16. There is no way it can be false when you are seeing it with your own two eyes. Same how Candace Owens shows how BLM raises money to fund democratic politicians. Yet that’s false too. No one goes after these mega companies for clearly trying to hurt our children. But if they put something racist then the whole world comes crumbling down. Pedophilia and human trafficking is a much bigger issue than racism in this country and the world. Our children are innocent and defenseless and they are being preyed upon and the masses don’t seem to care or understand how terrible this is. These riots should be for the crimes/atrocities against our children not for criminals resisting arrest and resulting in messed up situation that could have been avoided in the first place.