Another name dropped in Durham Report, More indictments coming; Poll: Biden’s endorsement hurts

Fox News is reporting that White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has been identified as the “foreign policy adviser” mentioned in the indictment of former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

It is a clear sign that if the Democratic candidates running in state and local elections want to have a chance of winning, they should steer clear of President Joe Biden. This was also confirmed again in the November 4th elections across the country. In this election, all of the candidates who received Biden’s endorsement lost, in contrast all four candidates who received Trump’s endorsement, won.

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Another name dropped in Durham Report, More indictments coming; Poll: Biden’s endorsement hurts

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  2. No no no no, it's not Bro-Word County bro…😅 It's Brow-ard, Kinda like retard without the r-e-t, it's hard, not lard, it's Broward. But Jake the snake was the Orange Man in orange man bad story. He'll be a whipping boy, but Hillary will be the Oak tree yo-yo.

  3. Drop all the names necessary, however, when are they going to actually DO SOMETHING? We keep hearing "soon," " it's going down now, " "nothing can stop what is coming," and on and on. Let's bring these people to justice. CRT is just more poison, and another long slimy arm of the agenda. Keep up the true reporting.

  4. Michael, this year I'm thankful that there are still a few actual journalists left, and you sir are among them. We the People cannot put our freedom in the hands of communists and tin pot dictators or the lying propagandists who carry their water.

  5. Democrats and the CCP supported extreme Left are spending every cent on subverting and infiltrating Texas so watch out.

    They are after the Electoral College votes. And for the Dems it's not just an old fashioed debate, it's unrestricted war!

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