Another Pandemic Simulation

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security partnered with the World Health Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct “Catastrophic Contagion,” an exercise to simulate a global pandemic that is deadlier and especially dangerous for children.

Bill Gates was in attendance.

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  1. I live in Melbourne. I am not jabbed but husband is double jabbed. Covid is making the rounds at his work place. Last Wednesday he came home with a scratchy throat, he tested positive over the weekend and now I have it. He's at day six, me day four. I've upped the vitamin D and the Zinc. Just rest is all you can do. Stay well everyone.

  2. This is about population control and population reduction in the world.the W.E.F. is behind this .thay can take a jump off a heigh cliff and don't come back.these f Wits need to be told were to go .we the people did not vote these people in to f the world up .I can't believe the people of this world are playing this silly game with these boof heads.this is ajender 21 is alive an well and that money 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 is be hind All of this .

  3. Geez! I can already hear the sheeple bleating as they beat a path to their local quack to get pricked before the shortages for the experimental waxicine are created by the partnership of big pharma and “take it up the $&# ” mainstream media.

  4. Satan is very busy working overtime at the moment deceiving the people, but those who are awake and aware of his diabolical plans through the evil actions of the globalist elites know that God must always be trusted and will always be victorious. 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  5. I do not want these baboons, and I am referring to the entire UN/WEF/WHO and their puppets, who can not get a train to run on time or keep a road in good repair telling us that we need their filthy soldiers on our streets locking us up, over a made up "emergency" with MAX fear mongering.

  6. 7:59 dude really? come on Man you're on the ball with most other things, obviously all elections are rigged, people don't vote that pos back in, he's placed into that position by the shadow government. The citizens have no say in that matter and there's more than enough evidence to understand that fact.

  7. This scenario is only possible in a world which people see as a fantasy world,conditioned with money and corruption.When a soul is awakened and not conditioned,the reality will be seen completely.

  8. The 'brain damage' is already quite evident within this evil cabal 😈 But whilst we have one eye firmly fixed on the WHO, let's not forget where the bigger picture emanates from – the 'House Of Klaus' – This evil Nazi POS has amassed a following of billionaires, corporate business leaders, their political puppets, MSM, and now a young generation of demented disciples, all eager to please cult master Klaus. Only Adolf himself could have affected the brainwashed to such a degree, in so brief a time period.

    Of course, l write this for all intents and purposes, 'tongue in cheek'… because as we all know, if we did not elect a non-governmental head to lead us into a future of uncertainty, impoverishment deliberate contagion, and human depopulation… where those who survive the cull "will have nothing, but will be happy"… then we can rest easy in the knowledge that scenario will never play out, because those we legally elect to represent and protect us would never allow it…

    Would they 🤔

    But wait… 193 of these same psychotic leaders are WEF members…. WTF! 😡

    [Cue: Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden]
    🏃‍♂️… 🏃‍♀️… 🏃‍♂️… 🏃‍♀️…

  9. What the psychopaths say is not meant to make sense. It is to affect your feelings . Make you angry, hostile, mad, etc. The tabletop exercise is an example. A real pandemic does not occur that often. They did want covid to go to 2025, so this is their replacement.

  10. I am a passionate "pureblood". I apparently had the COOF according to the RAT but it is possible, of course, knowing the errors that go hand in hand with these tests, I could have had a bad cold. I am 71 and felt a bit off for a week or so and then came good…..all good. And we still see people wearing the useless muzzles… sorry I feel for them that the govt and the media have scared them so much that they buy this rubbish.

  11. so this all thing is just scripted everyone whatever you do don't comply to this scripted bullshit if you do it will destroy your life or you will die see this is about virus no more this is all about control & money & power you people better wake up don't comply to this bullshit

  12. I had no jab, no covid. I didn't believe this covid and vaccine rubbish. I saw that it was just a full dress rehearsal for the real show in the future. What was sad that the majority of Australian people who believed the government's and media reports. But it's encouraging to see that more people are waking up to this plandemic.

  13. The sky, in middle America, was a strange pink late today.
    Load up on vye toe min Dee with Kay two, to strengthen immune system, friends.
    Just in case.
    And pray without ceasing.

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