Another Rat Flees the Sinking Ship of State as Jen Psaki Prepares for an MSNBC Slot

She will do well on such a low info network!

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  1. This is normal though – usually presidents change press secretary every one or two years and they often take jobs at news networks. I always wonder if it's a case that after about a year or so they have misdirected the public so many times that they lose so much credibility that they are unable to continue being an effective propagandist, or whether they get fed up of having to say only what they are allowed to say.

  2. Give me a break. She's moving on for more lucrative opportunities and she said right when she started that it would be temporary…stop with the nonsensical hyperbole. And as a sidenote, the previous administration went through 4 Press Secretaries. Jesus.

  3. I also find it funny that the "host" is talking about peddling "gullible people" when his expectation is for people to take him seriously while he sits in his dumpy apartment, with a whiny cat, talking sh!t about topics he has absolutely no first hand knowledge of. He obviously watches, Fox and Newsmax and just spews the same rhetoric. Wow!

  4. I have a theory about this situation the thing is today we could do this way different I’m not sure this is about a vote really bad feelings really but I’ll ride the wave 👋

  5. Well i have to say that constitutional document is well completely whacked now laws bills of rights or removal of because of international conflicts bad right military power’s don’t like that

  6. So, she's going from DIRECTLY helping the communist Biden "regime" to helping them through one of their MSM cronies, MSNBC. Not much changing for her in the direction of her career, I would imagine, except now she will no longer be DIRECTLY attacked and maybe get a pay raise…….🤔

  7. "Psaki will stop being the ultimate propaganda minister of the Joe Biden administration… for MSNBC, she's gonna have a slot there."

    Anon, I…

  8. She just should have called herself Jean Psaki and put a Chunky doll in her place at the White House. Two salaries and no one would have been the wiser.

  9. correction: Joy Reid doesn’t blame Trump for everything. she blames White People (of whom Trump is the Leader, or Grand Cyclops, if you will). I have seen her do it repeatedly, time and time again.

  10. a super virus could wipe out 90% of humanity's food supply leading to mass starvation and MSBNC would spin it that "Joe Biden has finally defeated obesity for the whole world"

  11. I just started watching MSNBC for the first time, just to see what they're about. I was shocked at the blatant hatred they spew. Disgusting. Yes, Jen Psaki would make a great defense attorney.

  12. trumpism is your level of intelligence and message delivery. in the previous administration everything what u said about Psaki was 100 times worse. add to that siding with the enemy and literally promoting putinism here, in the US, completes the picture.

  13. Psaki's avoiding questions and twisting shit around reminds me of Kellyanne Conway. You can ask them both if they like hamburgers, and it will never get a straight answer.

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